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In partnership with ‘Samenwerking Glasverzekering N.V.’, Scheuten is able to extend the full guarantee on its Isolide products that are subject to the standard guarantee regulation from 10 years to 25 years. The Isolide Garant insurance cover is the same as the regular general Isolide Guaranty clause (10 years). The contents do not change; the guarantee period will just be extended by 15 years! The extended warranty can be obtained from your glass supplier.

25 years assurance with a clear view
When the customer discovers a leaking window, he will report this to the glass supplier. The claim will be judged according to the standard Isolide guarantee conditions and the Isolide Garant conditions. In case of a legitimate claim, the window will be replaced free of charge.
Isolide Garant can be recognised by the sandblasted Scheuten Logo (with production year) in the corner of the insulting-glass.

Currently, Isolide Garant is only available in the Netherlands.

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