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- Out of Liquid Flow Sensors



Optimal for flow applications in aggresive liquids. The IST AG Out of Liquid flow sensor utilizes the reliable and proven thermal mass flow measuring principle and is specially developed for flow applications with aggressive liquid media. The sensor provides the flexibility of easy adaption in an application and at a lower cost. Measuring flow directly in a liquid channel has proven a difficult task without dramatically shortening the lifetime and damaging the sensor. The Out of Liquid flow sensor offers the possibility to create no-flow / flow switches. It also offers the possibility of an extremely accurate measurement. A heater and a temperature sensor chip, both with backside metallization, are soldered on the stainless steel flow channel providing an excellent thermal contact with the liquid without being in direct contact with it, meaning even aggressive liquids can be measured easily with this sensor.

Further advantages of the Out of Liquid flow sensor include:

  • High chemical resistance
  • No contact between sensor and liquid
  • Simple flow switches possible

The IST AG Out of Liquid flow sensors are optimal for measuring liquid flow in aggressive liquids.

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