- Model IS-H - Split Body Ball Valves



Split body ball valve for demanding requirements in pipelines and other industrial applications; suitable for gaseous and liquid flow media designed according to national and international standards like API 6D, PED 97/23/EC or DIN 3230-5/AD 2000. Due to the vertically split and screwed body the valve can be disassembled without special tools. This allows maintenance and repair of the valve's inner parts.

Design Features        

  • end connections: flanged ends or welding ends        
  • body material: lowtemperature carbon steel (other m    aterial    s on request)
  • trim material: 13% chromium steel (other materials on    requt    sst)
  • trunnion mounted ball        
  • soft or metal seated        
  • anti blow-out stem        
  • upper stem seal removable from the outside        
  • double-block-and-bleed        
  • drain port        
  • anti-static design        
  • firesafe design        
  • suitable for sour gas service (NACE / ISO 15156)        

Optional Features        

  • actuator: manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic        
  • secondary sealant injection for stem and seat rings        
  • double piston effect seat rings        
  • metal body seals        

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