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- Integrated Treatment System



Hydraulic fracking sites require a wastewater treatment system that is robust enough to process millions of gallons of wastewater per well, versatile enough to service several wells in geographic sequence, and expandable enough to meet compliance standards anywhere in the world. Ecologix has once again raised the bar with its highly efficient Integrated Treatment System, the Mobile ITS – the first complete mobile system designed specifically for fracking wastewater treatment.

The Integrated Treatment System (ITS) is a complete mobile wastewater treatment system designed specifically for mobile fracking. Capable of treating 900 gallons per minute, the ITS efficiently treats flowback water at each site, making it ready for reuse in the next series of wells or to be safely placed back into the ground or local waterway. The ITS is made up of the MCT-900, which is a Chemical Mixing Treatment unit, and the MD-900, a mobile DAF unit. 

  • Frac Tank
  • DAF system
  • Temperature controlled chemical feed system
  • Integrated PLC controls

  • Up to 900 GPM Mobile platform
  • Mobile platform
  • Quick set-up and tear down
  • TSS/FOG reduction up to 99%
  • BOD reduction up to 75%
  • Scalable for multiple flow ranges
  • Adaptable to various fracking set-ups
  • Compressed air not required

  • Further water polishing
  • Flow Equalization
  • Post-filtration skids
  • Sludge holding
  • Sludge dewatering

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