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- Model ZSS/ZIS - Single Shaft Universal Shredder



These single shaft shredders are designed with a small powerful internal hydraulic ram which eliminates the risk of blocking and wearing out of internal guide rails. These machines can be supplied with rotor cooling or can be equipped with a wear package for the processing of highly abrasive, filled materials.

They retain the versatility and flexibility to be used for a wide range of applications and industries such as in-house and general recycling, electronic waste and post consumer waste handling. Input materials can be all types and forms of plastics; lump cakes, pipes, film, bales, big-bags; have been designed to handle voluminous parts, 1000 lt IBCs, paper, cardboards, wood and MSW. Depending on the final dimension required, these machines can be equipped with different screen sizes.


Concave square cutting blades produce high quality output. The blades can be turned several times after a side is worn.


Large diameter flat rotor. The cutting blades are fixed in special knife holders fitted in machined pockets. An optional hard weld facing is available for abrasive applications.


Sturdy pivoting ram with heavy duty guide bearings and universal couplings for reliable and continuous operation.

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