Walchem, Iwaki America Inc.

- Model FS Series - Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump



Iwaki America’s FS is a compact, all-temperature rated, low-cost, air-driven, bellows pump series designed for the semiconductor industry, chemical delivery or recirculation. This pump handles high temperature nitride etch and piranha etch applications with ease. FS features intelligent drive technology and leak sensing, with a significant cost savings over previous models, and a 2-year warranty.

  • FS is rated for liquid temperatures ranging from 5° to 180°C with discharge pressures up to 73 psi, making it the perfect pump for wet process tools, cleaning and chemical feed applications.
  • Utilizing stroke rates up to 240 spm, FS is able to produce up to 50% higher flow rates in a significantly smaller space.FS has a contamination-free design; all liquid contact parts are made of PTFE/PFA.
  • The anti-torsion air chamber design eliminates the need for retorquing connecting rods.
  • The intelligent sensor drive system of Iwaki America’s FS design uses proximity switches and an external solenoid valve allowing the pump operation to be easily controlled and monitored.

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