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- Model Series 5000 - Segmented Metal Seated Ball Valve



J&S Valve - Series 5000 - Metal Seated Ball Valve - Excellent for Pump Control and Shut-Off Applications. 100% Flow Area. Ductile Iron Body, Stainless Steel Hardware, and NSF61 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Interior and Exterior. Contact our knowledgable staff for more information regarding specific applications. 


The Main Valve shall have a full, circular, unobstructed waterway, and be trunnion – mounted, metal to metal seated, in complete conformance with the requirements of AWWA C507 and American Iron and Steel Act.


The Valve Body shall be Ductile Iron ASTM 536 Grade 65-45-12 . The flange ends Shall be ANSI B16.1 Class 125 or 250 and shall have a true 100% full circular port opening equal to the nominal size of the valve.


The Ball Valve Rotor shall be one-piece cast Ductile Iron ASTM 536 grade 65-45-12 with two Stainless Steel or Bronze bushed trunnions and provide 100% full circular port opening equal to the nominal size of the valve.


Body Seat shall be Nitronic 60 Non-galling Austenitic Stainless Steel mechanically retained with 304 or 316 Stainless Steel NYLOK Bolts and shall be field replaceable.


The Seat on the Rotor shall be a single, rigidly mounted, adjustable, corrosion resistant metal seat of 316 Stainless Steel mechanically retained on the Ball Valve Rotor. The Seating surface shall be spherically generated on an eccentric seating axis providing long life by virtually eliminating seat contact with the body seat during operation until final closure of the valve.


The Operating Shaft shall be high strength high alloy stainless steel per ASTM A564 Type 17-4 PH double aged harden HI-150, turned, ground, pressed fit and locked with high strength stainless steel pins into the Ball Rotor Trunnion. The Shaft will be sealed with a set of replaceable Chevron Type Vee-packing capable of being replaced without removing the valve from the line. SURFACE PREPARATION AND SHOP COATING All Coating and Lubricants in contact with potable water shall be NSF 61 Certified.


Manufacture shall demonstrate 10 years of experience in the manufacture of Water Works Valves sizes 2” -72”. Metal Seated Ball Valves Series 5000 shall be manufactured by J&S Valve, Huffman Texas, USA

or preapproved equal.

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