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Jacobi Carbons AB

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Activated Carbons designed for water treatment, covering applications such as drinking water, effluent wastewater, industrial process water, beverage processing, and home water filters. Our AquaSorb grades comply with NSF, EN, and AWWA standards for drinking water treatment, are accredited by regulatory agencies like NSF in the USA and KIWA in the Netherlands, and also meet the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex.

A sampling of our grades within the AquaSorb family includes:

  • 1000 Series – direct activated granular carbons with combined micropore/mesopore volume for the removal of low to medium molecular weight organic compounds.
  • 5000 Series – mesoporous granular carbons designed for removal of large molecular weight organics and colour compounds.
  • 6000 Series – agglomerated granular carbons with combined micropore/mesopore volume for removal of low to medium molecular weight compounds.
  • C Series – highly microporous granular carbons with superior removal of low molecular weight, trace level organics. Includes CX-MCA, a catalytic product with superior performance for chloramine and hydrogen sulphide removal from water.
  • H Series – acid washed grades for exceptional product purity, designed for beverage and ultrapure water applications
  • L Series – silver impregnated carbons for bacteriostatic claims in home water filter devices.
  • PICABIOL – Unique granular carbon for the treatment of drinking water by means of a biologically active processes.
  • MP Series – high performance powdered carbons for drinking water purification

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