Jacobi Carbons AB

Jacobi Carbons AB

- ColorSorb


A wide range of activated carbon products specifically designed for colour removal applications, including food, chemical, and pharmaceutical purification.

  • HP Series – high decolorization capacity powdered grades manufactured via chemical activation of wood substrates. Available in a variety of powdered grinds, activity levels, and pH ranges.
  • G Series – highly mesoporous powdered grades manufactured via steam activation of wood substrates. Available in a variety of grinds and activity levels.
  • SP Series – extremely high purity, microporous powdered grades designed to pharmaceutical and food additive standards
  • HPX – powdered grade with a unique blend of micropores and macropores to achieve a blend of colour and trace organic/odour removal.
  • XFP Series – powdered carbon range designed for edible oil purification
  • 600 Series – high activity, granular agglomerated carbons for fixed bed decolorization
  • H100 and H600 series – high purity, acid washed grades manufactured by direct activation (H100 series) or agglomeration (H600 series) for process decolorization in fixed bed systems.
  • BAK – granular product with pH buffering agent for sugar decolorization.

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