- Model TN 200 E - Bagging Scales



Fully automatic baling scale for packing potatoes and onions. Weighing range 1 - 30 kg. electronic weighing system with 2 load cells (Gassner) with default weight pre -weigh bin. belt width approx. 300 mm 3-row offset cleats approx. 50 mm high and approx. 100 mm wide with spacing of approx 150 mm. 220 volt drum motor with automatic switching via tap changer and mechanical discharge of the pre -weigh bin via foot pedal and automatic restart, bag counter, frame chassis with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels, length approx. 2450 mm. width approx. 70G mm. weight approx. 160 kg

Throughput bag/hr Max
5 kg = 210 bags
15 kg = 150 bags

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