- Model JH3FG & JH3FGR - Heated Sample Lines with PA-Protection Braid



Applications: For extractive gas analysis. For emission and process monitoring. For transport of sample gas from sample point to analysis system. To stay safely above the acid dew point. For protection against measured value falsification and frost. For indoor and outdoor use. Applicable for portable systems.

  • No condensate formation, no freezing
  • Close bending radius possible
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Optimal heat deployment
  • Customized configurations
  • Easy exchange of the inner core (JH3FGR)
  • Long lifetime also in portable applications
  • Kink protection

  • Regulated heatable to max. 200°C
  • External jacket flexible protection braid of polyamide
  • Heat insulation with silicone foam
  • Ready for use
  • Very flexible
  • Interchangeable inner core for JH3FGR
  • Second core for e.g. calibration gas as option
  • Integrated temperature controller as option
  • Inner core reinforced with stainless steel braid

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