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JD Drill Fix


Our fixture provides precision drill bit alignment to enlarge worn factory seed boot mounting holes. We provide a full length bushing made from heat treated aircraft grade alloy steel. These bushings are oversized on the ends and provide an interference fit with the newly drilled holes. The seed boots don't require modification, you are only restoring the center hole on the seed boot mounting lugs. Seed boots are reinstalled using factory hardware, no modifications or substitutions needed. The repair can be conducted with the arms still mounted on the drill. Only the seed boot and opener blade must be removed to perform the repair. The seed boot mounting hole repair kit contains the drilling fixture with hardened drill guides installed, mounting hardware, drill bits, reamer, and the bushing driving tool. Order one bushing per row unit.

50 Series drills
750 any width
1850 any width

60/90 Series drills
750A any width
1560 any width
1860 and width
1590 any width
1690 any width
1890 any width
1990 any width

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