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- Spray Tank Cleaning Agent


JET CLEAR removes pesticides and other residues, including oily substances, out of the sprayer, booms, supply lines, filters and nozzles. JET CLEAR removes residues, including sulfonylurea herbicides, phenoxies and carfentrazone-ethyl.


Spray tank cleaning agent for removing crop protection product residues.

Reliably removes sulfonylureas, azoles, carfentrazones, growth substances as well as sticky and oily residues from crop protection products.

Active substance: Potassium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, tetrapotassium phosphate, tenside complexes


  • Tested for crop tolerance – rinsates save to crop
  • Safe for the user
  • With anti-foaming agent
  • Removes persistent, sticky and oily residues
  • Dissolves, neutralises and removes residues from azoles, carfentrazone and phenoxy-herbicides
  • Ideal for cleaning sulfonylureas out of the sprayer
  • Does not cause corrosion
Product use

Sprayers should be thoroughly and carefully cleaned after each use. Especially when changing crops and switching between crop protection measures (fungicide / insecticide after herbicides) as well as after the season before winter storage.

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