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- Spiral Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane Module for Leachate Treatment



ST membrane technology is a new structural membrane module specially developed for leachate and high salt wastewater treatment, which adopts spiral membrane structure, and the membrane adopts industrial anti-pollution RO membrane or NF membrane, and the grid channel adopts parallel grid structure which is different from the general spiral membrane, so that it can be used for long-term stable operation where the general spiral membrane cannot be applied.


A complete ST membrane module includes the following components:

  • ST cores (RO, NF, etc.)
  • Influent and effluent hydraulic disk and pipes
  • Center tie rod
  • Pressure vessel

The wastewater is fed directly from the connecting flange, and the wastewater is evenly distributed to the feed flange of the membrane module through a hydraulic disk. Membrane modules are connected in series to achieve increased water recovery rate and reduced energy consumption.

  • Trapezoidal structure resistance is much smaller than traditional diamond grid
  • Reduce the concentration polarization of the membrane
  • Therefore, the pollution resistance of the ST membrane module is greatly improved

  • Simple pretreatment
  • Higher membrane filling area:25m
  • Pressure grade: 75bar, 90bar, 120bar
  • Modular units with high system reliability, flexibility and compactness

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