Xiamen Jiarong Technology Corp., Ltd.

- UF Membrane Module for Hardness Removal



Jiarong Tubular Membranes have high anti-pollution, high operational flux and exchangeable membrane components. They are widely used in leachate MBR, industrial wastewater MBR, fermentation broth filtration, juice filtration, oil-water separation, wastewater treatment and emulsion treatment process. There are hundreds of projects so far.

  • Reliable quality, with overl 000 applications
  • Long membrane life (5-8 years)
  • Good anti-pollution properties, widely used in leachate and other high concentration sewage treatment
  • High flux 150L/m h
  • Various sizes and specifications, replaceable core, FRP/SS

  • Waste leachate and industrial wastewater treatment (sidestream MBR/TUF)
  • Food and fermentation processes
  • Wastewater softening and hardness removal
  • Treatment of oily wastewater and emulsions

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