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Foshan Jinduo Air-conditioners & Refrigerant Equipment Co., Ltd

- Shell and Tube Double Loops Condenser



Application: Heat ventilation air conditioning, Industrial cooling, Central air-conditioning.

  1. Our condenser is designed to the single unit system. Through the thermodynamic calculation, our condenser's architecture is set according to the binary cycle system. The products have a good heat balance and high thermal efficiency.
  2. Our product has a compact size, reasonable layout and convenient debugging. The heat exchanger uses the Turbo j III type high performance heat transfer. The external pipe is thread, and it improves the heat transfer efficient of the condenser, the whole heat exchanger efficient will get better.
  3. In the course of manufactory, we take effective measures to ensure the cleanliness in the internal status. After welding, the shell will acid wash and phosphate to keep the product have the ability to resist corrosion.
  4. Suitable scope is broad, our products widespread use in double-unit oil cooler and water cooler system.
  5. Our product made and designed according to standard JB/ T4750-2003 (Refrigerant equipment pressure vessels) and GB150-2011 (steel pressure vessels). Product's performance is stability, safe and reliable.

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