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The Solar Epoxy board in produced with high-efficiency solar cells, Epoxy Encapsulation, the photoelectric conversion efficiency for mono-crystalline15.5% above, polycrystalline 14.8% above, the appearance of special requirements (eg: No Chromatic Aberration, no disconnection, ash less, smooth edge curvature of the backplane minor glue marks) we can do it. Can be accessed by small orders. Package: protective film oil-free gum on the surface.

Monocrystalline Epoxy board:

  • Peak current: 50mA-
  • Peak voltage:6V
  • (Length)108 (Width)39 (Thickness)2.5mm

Working condition:

  1. Outside condition of sunshine without shelter
  2. Working temperature: -20℃-+85℃

Testing condition:

  • illumination intensity:1000W/M2,25℃,AM1.5,25℃ Output power error:±5%

The main material and stuff of the product

  1. Wafer: mono-crystalline silicon wafer/polycrystalline silicon wafer(silicon wafer)
  2. Packing stuff:UV、Resistance to turn yellow、High Transparent EVA glue、PET film
  3. Packing material:High Transmission, Hardness after curing,Electrical performance especially good epoxy resin
  4. Packing craftsmanship: Epoxy Encapsulation
  5. The material of baseboard: resistance to deformation, high strength PCB board(Fiberglass baseboard, Phenolic cardboard or aluminum board)

No obvious deformation indication on the appearance, good glossiness, verification, less Leakage of glue

  • The electrical properties of the epoxy group is free to choose by the customer or they provide the appropriate parameters and the use of the products, our Company assist in the design. The whole panels, baseboard with high-intensity PCB board, the surface baked with Anti-aging of epoxy glue, extremely convenient, small size, light weight. Comply with international standards. Customers can custom different specifications of solar panels, a large number applied to solar lamps, solar charger, solar toys, mobile power and electronic arts and crafts, etc.

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