- Model 1270E - Eight-Wheeled Harvester


Since its introduction in 1996, the John Deere 1270 Harvester has dominated harvester sales worldwide while setting the standard for durability and performance. And now the latest 1270E is the most powerful and productive yet. With its large 9.0-liter engine and CH7 Harvester boom, the 1270E performs at a level normally reserved for larger size-class harvesters. It is plenty powerful to handle the most demanding clear-fell operations, while being maneuverable enough to operate in final-thinning applications. Looking for even more versatility? Our optional eight-wheeled version delivers higher tractive force and more ground clearance to tackle steep slopes and soft soils with more confidence than ever before.

Key Features

  • Powerful, versatile and productive
  • Power and precision with a choice of harvester heads
  • CH7 harvester boom
  • Comfortable operator environment


  • Superior tractive force-to-weight ratios combined with tight turning radiuses and high ground clearances make them easy to maneuver in difficult terrain.
  • The high lifting and slewing torque of the booms give the E-Series Harvesters the agility needed for late-thinning and final-felling operations.
  • With tireless power to handle large trees, the 1270E is the most-wanted all-around wheeled harvester in the world.
  • Six-wheeled 1270E Harvester is agile and productive, especially for early and late thinning.
  • Exclusive heavy-duty bogie axles ensure superior maneuverability in rough terrain.


  • The revolutionary rotating cab tracks the boom up to 80 deg. in each direction so the operator can concentrate on the harvester head and the work at hand.
  • The state-of-the-art optional auto-leveling cab quickly and smoothly adjusts to the slope of the terrain, reducing fatigue while boosting productivity.
  • The fully adjustable air-cushioned seat provides exceptional daylong comfort in the climate-controlled cab.
  • With a noticeably larger entryway, getting in and out of a John Deere harvester has never been easier.
  • A large expanse of floor-to-ceiling tinted glass and large side and rear windows allow virtually unrestricted all-around visibility.
  • Comfortable armrests with mounted controls are fully adjustable, putting intuitive control of all machine functions at your fingertips.
  • Sun blinds keep the cab cooler and prevent glare when working. They easily stow away when not in use.
  • Low noise and vibration levels minimize fatigue, while the climate-controlled interior keeps things comfortable year-round. And the roomy cab's many amenities provide all the fatigue-beating comfort your operator could ever want, including a food heater/cooler and plenty of storage space.


  • TimberMatic ensures high productivity and easy operation by allowing operators to fine-tune all machine and harvester-head settings to personal preferences. Shortcut keys make it easy to make measuring, bucking, and basic machine adjustments.
  • Control system panels on the optional configurable user interface store and display the functions and adjustments set by each operator so no time is lost getting back up to speed.
  • Processing Power Control (PPC), the John Deere-exclusive and technologically advanced power-management system combines smart machine control and powerful hydraulics to optimize engine power in all working conditions. PPC enables the operator to select the desired balance between productivity and fuel economy via three distinct power levels.


  • The new twin-pump hydraulic system employs two open-loop circuits — one for the harvesting head and drive, and one for the boom control while processing.
  • The hydraulic oil tank filter provides a cleaner hydraulic system and longer system life.
  • The more efficient K170 and L90 valve combination is located in front of the cabin. It is better protected from damage, and it provides improved service access.
  • Easy access to all main hydraulic oil pressure diagnostic ports.


  • The superior boom designs on E-Series Harvesters deliver smoother, more accurate control. Impressive lifting and slewing torques allow the boom to lift and swing larger loads with ease.
  • The standard, user-friendly TimberMatic H-12 control system combined with fine-tuned hydraulics provides more precise and quicker boom movements for greater productivity.
  • The 1270E's industry-leading CH7 parallel harvester boom is available with 8.6-, 10.0-, or 11.7-m (28.2, 32.8, or 38.4 ft.) reach options.

Harvester Heads

  • John Deere harvester heads combine timber-cutting power with excellent delimbing quality to the smallest diameter range.
  • H400-Series harvester heads allow delimbing customized to specific tree species and harvesting applications. Paired with the 1270E Harvester, the H480C harvester head is hard to beat.
  • Equip your harvester head with the optional multi-tree-handling device and raise productivity to even higher levels — especially in early thinnings with energy wood collection.
  • Four feed motors/rollers and saw harvester heads feature automatic chain lubrication and tensioning for long life.


  • TimberMatic constantly monitors performance and machine health so you can increase productivity and uptime, while minimizing fuel expenses and other daily operating costs.
  • If something goes wrong, the easy-to-navigate monitor displays fault codes and diagnostics to help speed troubleshooting. It also issues an audible warning if immediate shutdown is necessary.
  • Exclusive TimberLink system constantly monitors machine performance, providing information on fuel consumption, productivity, and time management for all stages of the harvesting process.
  • Economy mode helps conserve fuel and reduce noise by optimizing engine rpm.

Maintenance/Low Daily Operating Costs

  • The engine hood is split into two and tilts up with electric motors for fast, easy access to daily checkpoints.
  • Hydraulic-driven variable-speed fan runs only as needed, reducing fuel consumption and debris flow through the cooler cores. It's programmable to reverse at periodic intervals to clear core-clogging buildup.
  • The boom valve is positioned between the boom base and cabin, where it is better protected and offers easier service access. Simply swing open the service door for wide-open access to internal components.
  • Boom-tilt cylinders are located in front of the boom for greater efficiency and long life.
  • A standard reversing fan keeps the engine cooler clean while lowering fuel consumption.
  • Self-cleaning engine air filter extends the lifetime of the filter.
  • Long engine oil and filter service intervals decrease planned downtime and expense.
  • Reliable and interchangeable electronic controllers reduce machine downtime and help lower your daily operating costs.

Other Features and Options

  • Eight-wheeled 1270E Harvester version, with greater power, higher tractive force, and more ground clearance than its six-wheeled counterpart, is especially designed for climbing steep slopes and traction on soft soils.
  • The JDLink™ machine monitoring system enables remote access to one or an entire fleet of machines:
    • Web-based system enables dealer to update software without dispatching a service technician to the site.
    • Reports real-time operating data via the Internet.
    • Improves service support.
    • Delivers machine hours and location, geo-fencing capabilities, dashboard alerts, diagnostic trouble codes, maintenance tracking, equipment-utilization and fuel-consumption data, and more.
  • JDLink Ultimate is available free of charge for a three-year period for John Deere Forestry machines.
  • Optional hydraulic cabin stairs feature a more ergonomic climbing angle and storage space for the toolbox and other gear, for example, chains or oil cans. There are two extra storage spaces to keep sharp and dull saw chains separately. Pressing the stairs button on the right-hand dashboard can hydraulically tilt up and down the lowest step.
  • Standard twin-power halogen lights extend the workday. LED lights are also available.

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