Jones Chemicals, Inc

- Anhydrous Ammonia


Acute Toxicity, Corrosive, Gases Under Pressure, Flammable Gas, Acute Aquatic Toxicity.


  • Acute Toxicity, Inhalation (Category 4) Note: (1 - Most Severe / 4 - Least Severe)
  • Skin Corrosion / Irritation (Category 1B)
  • Serious Eye Damage / Irritation (Category 1)
  • Gases Under Pressure (Liquefied gas)
  • Flammable Gases (Category 2)
  • Acute Aquatic Toxicity (Category 1)

Signal word:

  • Danger

Hazard statements:

  • Harmful if inhaled.
  • Causes severe skin burns and serious eye damage.
  • Flammable gas.
  • Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated.
  • Very toxic to aquatic life.

Precautionary statements:

  • Avoid breathing gas/vapors.
  • Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated area.
  • Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, face protection.
  • Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.

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