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Ideal for garages, construction sites, indoor/ outdoor festivals, harbors, gas stations, campsites, etc. Extinguisher cradles for stable transport. Fixing slots to accommodate multiple extinguishers and bracket types, hooks supplied (KIT109). Allows for highly visible alarm fitment of various shapes & sizes to the front of the unit. Base with drainage slot, designed for various fire bucket sizes & shapes. Solid rubber wheels. Optimized center of gravity - easy to move, pull or push. Rear design allows to slide unit up/down a step smoothly. Signage/label area at the top. Made of 100% Polyethylene(PE). Max. Combined weight of extinguishers 66 lbs. Innovative mobile fire point for 2 extinguishers. Chemical. UV ray. rust 8 corrosion resistant. Alarm.bucket & extinguisher sold separately.


Alarm for Firekart - JHSA1
Battery operated electronic alarm with integral strobe for noisy environments, on/off switch with indicator light


Bell for FireKart - JHRB
Hand operated aluminum rotary alarm bell, sounds at 60Db and hour tor 35 min


Bucket for FireKart • JFPB1
10 Liter Bucket that fits well on the Fire Kart

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