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Julius Tielbürger GmbH & Co. KG

- Model tk20 - Sweeping Machines



The tk20 is so simple to operate that you will never again have to think about any optimal settings for the sweeping machine.The machine regulates its brush pressure automatically and thereby provides an even sweeping result that is independent of the condition of the ground. Even in close corners, not a speck of dust remains behind.They clean wide parking lots or narrow lanes quickly and thoroughly. The sweeping machine can be guided comfortably around close curves and be turned with ease on the spot.

  • Working width 80 cm
  • Area coverage up to 2200 m²/h
  • Motor B&S XTS 55, Honda GCV 135
  • Capacity up to 3,4 kW (4,6 HP)
  • Driving speed max. 2,7 km/h
  • Accessories container for sweeping material with tip emptying
  • Test symbol GS, CE

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