- Model 3-900 - Portable High Temperature Total Organic Carbon and Methane Carbon FID - Analyzer



The J.U.M. Engineering HFID Model 3-900 is a portable very compact heated total hydrocarbon analyzer with an internal non methane hydrocarbon cutter for the accurate, sensitive and stable measurement of total organic carbon and alternately methane carbon using a Flame Ionization Detector (FID).


The Model 3-900 uses a FID in a heated oven to prevent the loss of high molecular weight hydrocarbons and to provide very reliable performance in the analysis of trace level of contaminants in emissions, process gases, in air and in other gases.

Our optional 50 liter metal hydrid fuel storage (See inserted picture) allows a 45 hour minimum of uninterrupted operation. This fuel storage can be very safely self-filled at a low pressure of 25 bar. No special adapter needed.

A rear panel toggle switch allows to chose between total organic carbon and methane carbon measurements. The disposable heated sample filter is easily accessible from the rear panel and no special tools required for a quick and easy sample filter change. All sample wetted components are integrated into the heated chamber.

Low cost of ownership. Very low fuel gas consumption. The compressor to control the sample pressure and deliver purified combustion air for the FID-detector is already built in. No external compressed air and no external burner air from cylinders or generators is needed.

  • Easy to change sample filter accessible on the rear panel. No special tools required for filter change
  • Built in control air compressor and burner air generator, no external air from cylinders or compressors needed
  • All components in contact with sample fully heated and controlled at 190°C
  • Built in rear panel switch to select between METHANE an THC
  • Built-in sample pressure and sample pumps
  • Separate solenoid valves for zeroand span calibration with standard selector for manual and remote operation
  • Automatic flame out control
  • Fast response within 1 second for THC
  • Low fuel consumption, no air consumption
  • Very selective to hydrocarbons
  • Microprocessor controlled PID-type temperature controller
  • Automatic range change optional

  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Stack gas hydrocarbon emissions monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Raw exhaust vehicle emissions analysis
  • Catalytic converter testing
  • Measuring engine combustion efficiency
  • Hydrocarbon contamination monitoring in air and other gases
  • Carbon adsorption regeneration control
  • Detection of trace hydrocarbons in purity gas distribution systems, used in the semi conductor industry

The Flame Ionization Detection (FID) method is used to determine the presence of total hydrocarbon concentrations in a gaseous sample. Burning hydrocarbon-free hydrogen in hydrocarbon-free air produces a negligible number of ions.

Once a sample containing hydrocarbons is introduced into this flame a very complex ionization process is started. This process creates a large number ions. A high polarizing voltage is applied between the two electrodes around the burner nozzle and produces an electrostatic field. Now negative ions migrate to the collector electrode and positive ions migrate to the high voltage electrode. This generated ionization current between the two electrodes is directly proportional to the hydrocarbon concentration in the sample that is burned by the flame. This signal is measured and amplified by our electrometer-unit. A solenoid valve in the oven allows to select between methane carbon only measurement or the measurement of total organic carbon.

A sample pressure regulator provides a controlled back pressure at the sample capillary which gives admittance of a highly constant sample flow rate to the burner. This technique without using the conventional back pressure regulator is used by J.U.M. Engineering for over 30 years to provide the highest possible sample flow rate stability and lowest maintenance. The compact design of our valve and temperature controlled catalytic module allows switch selectable measurements between total carbon and methane carbon.

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