Junkkari Oy

Junkkari Oy

- Model S300 - Combi Drills Machine



New S-series follows the popular Simulta T- and ST-models. Traditional wedge shaped disc coulter has been updated to a new level, and S-series is mainly designed for traditionally cultivated soils. Coulter durability and placement precision has been improved by new inventions. Now it is also possible to place the fertilizer together with the seed into the same row. Traditional system with separate fertilizer coulters is, of course, also available and for that we are also offering completely new fertilizer disc coulter.

The other features of the machine are completely new. Both seed and fertilizer rate adjustment are done by changing the axle speed steplessly with the gearbox. Drive is supplied by the land wheel and the new metering devices ensure the precise feeding also for small seeds.

The three hoppers, Eco, Plus and Seed bring more possibilities to our customers. Other options include, for example, a new small seed box with a new metering device and a gearbox.

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