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Agrinova s.r.l.

Model Jurgen 70 - Scarifier Aerator



Easy screw operated depth adjustment. The handlebar comes close to the operator’s seat (easy action). The engine is in central position. Ensures machine stability. By operating the handlebar while you are sitting on the quad/tractor seat, the machine is lifted and the blades do not touch the ground. In this position the blades are also disconnected from engine power. Double junction tiller to ensure the coupling with any type of tractors. 4 wheels with metal hub (2 frontal swivel turning on 360° + 2 rear). Rotor shaft with belt drive-system on bearing. Movable knives shaft. Knives in tempered steel for movable system shaft = 2.5 mm standard / 1.2 mm option.

  • single box: cm 98x90 h 63
  • full pallet composed by 3 boxes: cm 98x90 h 204

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