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JWC International sewage grinders designed to minimise clogging, reduce bad smells, frozen screening management and protect process equipment in sewage treatment facilities. By a low speed and high torque capable of reducing wood, plastics, rocks, nuts, bolts, wire and sludge to manageable particle sizes, the grinders are available in in-channel and in-line versions. Through a small speed difference between both shafts, the space between the cutters, waste and fibres are automatically removed. Ekotakas made over 160 units mountings works to solve sewage screening management and clogging problems in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

These screens can cut everything that comes with waste water: rubber, wood, metal, plastics, stones, etc.

  • Dual Shafted Grinder
    • Capable of grinding a wider variety of solids than single shafted machines or macerators
    • High torque allows the grinder to handle rocks, sticks, clothing, plastics, bedding and more without jamming
  • Ease and Flexibility of Installation
    • Adapts to existing pipeline or channel applications with little or no modification to piping or channel
    • In-line unit incorporates a quick-change cutter cartridge
  • Cartridge Seal Assembly
    • High pressure capability – 6 bar
    • No seal flush required and no packing gland to adjust
  • High-Flow Side Rails
    • Increases flow rate and decreases head loss
    • Deflects solids into the cutting chamber
  • Compact, Efficient Design
    • Cutter and reducer design allows the use of small, energy efficient motors – 2.2 to 7.5kW
    • Compact units fit in small spaces
  • Automated PLC Monitoring and Controls
  • Auto load sensing and reversing reduces motor trips, protects system and eliminates need for manual check-ups

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