Model JZ-AL - Multileaf Dampers



Multileaf dampers made of aluminium for shutting off the airflow in air conditioning systems. Rectangular multileaf dampers for volume flow and pressure control as well as for shutting off ducts and openings in walls and ceiling slabs

  • Maximum dimensions 1200 × 1000 mm
  • Casing air leakage to EN 1751, class C
  • Aerofoil opposed action blades
  • Blades interconnected by gears

Optional equipment and accessories

  • Actuators: Open/Close actuators, modulating actuators
  • Powder-coated construction
  • Anodised construction

  • Multileaf dampers of Type JZ-AL are used as an acting element in the volume flow and pressure control in air conditioning systems
  • For shutting off ducts and openings in walls and ceiling slabs
  • Opposed action blades are due to their characteristics preferably used for variable operation
  • Powder-coated construction with increased corrosion resistance

  • Aerofoil blades
  • Low-maintenance, robust construction
  • No parts with silicone

Nominal sizes

  • B: 200 – 1200 mm, in increments of 1 mm
  • H: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 950, 1000 mm
  • Any combination of B × H

Parts and characteristics

  • Ready-to-install shut-off damper
  • Blades with gears
  • Drive arm with drive shaft and bearing plate


  • Quadrant stays and limit switches: Quadrant stays to adjust the damper blades (stepless adjustment) and for capturing the end positions
  • Open/Close actuators: Actuators for opening and closing multileaf dampers
  • Modulating actuators: Actuators for stepless blade adjustment
  • Pneumatic actuators: Pneumatic actuators for opening and closing multileaf dampers


  • Installation subframe: Installation subframe for the fast and simple installation of multileaf dampers

Construction features

  • Rectangular casing, with screws, material thickness 1.5 mm
  • Blades, material thickness 1.25 mm
  • Flanges on both sides, suitable for duct connection, with corner holes
  • Gears on both blade ends
  • Blade shafts, Ø12 mm, with notch to indicate the blade position (not for attachment ZS99)
  • Bearings with ring seals
  • With drive shaft as an attachment: For the position of the drive shaft see 'Dimensions and weight'
  • With actuator as an attachment: The actuator is attached to either the first blade from the top (with up to 3 blades) or to the third blade from the top (with 4 or more blades)

Materials and surfaces

  • Casing and blades made of extruded aluminium sections
  • Shafts, bearing plate and position indicator made of galvanised steel
  • Gears made of special anti-static plastic
  • P1: Powder-coated, RAL CLASSIC colour
  • PS: Powder-coated, DB colour
  • S3: Anodised to EURAS standard, E6-C-0

Standards and guidelines

  • Casing air leakage to EN 1751, class C


  • Maintenance-free as construction and materials are not subject to wear
  • Contamination should be removed as it may lead to corrosion and to increased closed blade air leakage

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