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As the material is supplied in paste form with a hardness rating to 6 MOHS it is capable of application to a wide range of surfaces. K-KOTE WRS has good resistance to abrasion, chemicals and corrosion and may be finished to provide a flow promoting surface.The ingredients of this product are supplied in pre weighed packs, totalling 30 kg in weight. Mixing a pre-blended batch of granular bauxite aggregate, silica flour and both epoxy resin and hardener produces our K-KOTE WRS. The system consists of a tack coat, which is supplied as an epoxy resin base and a hardener, along with the main ingredients being the aggregate and flour, which when mixed with the epoxy resin base and hardener form a screed with good wear resistant characteristics countering abrasion in either a pneumatic or hydraulic state of conveyance.

Our K-KOTE WRS material is used to counter the effects of sliding induced abrasion when handling small abrasive bulk solids. Due to the additional of the bauxite aggregate being bound together in a tight matrix of silica flour and epoxy resins, it gives the cured compound sufficient resilience against abrasive, corrosive and acid attack. As the system can be applied to substrates as thin as 6mm it is a low cost, easily and quickly applied alternative to heavy steels that would otherwise be the alternative.To achieve a total impervious compound an additional epoxy resin glaze coating can be easily applied onto the cured compound using brush or roller, which gives an additional benefit of achieving a surface, with a low coefficient of friction.

Forms of supply
As the product is supplied in an unmixed natural state then the limits to form of use are many. In the vast majority of instances where our K-KOTE WRS material is used it is true to say that it is installed as a screed, applied directly onto the substrate to a thickness greater than 6mm. It can also be cast around geometrically complex pieces of equipment of even into bespoke patterns or moulds.

As stated before the majority of applications where K-KOTE WRS is used, is in a screed form. The system is applied in three phases, firstly, the tack coat is by applied by roller directly onto the substrate to achieve a good key for the screed, which is applied by hand using trowels or screeding floats, dependant on the complexity of the substrate. Finally, the glaze coating is applied by hand using brush or roller giving the surface an impervious, low friction texture. The curing time often depends on the prevailing weather conditions, however in most instances the lining is fully cured and ready to be put into service within 24 hours.As with most wear resistant materials the success of the system often depends on the quality and accuracy of the installation.Before committing to the use of our K-KOTE WRS, we recommend consultation takes place with one of our qualified engineers in order to assess its suitability for particular applications.Should you have a requirement for the product to be installed or form part of a system, then we would welcome the opportunity in discussing your requirements for the installation of the system using our fully trained staff and workforce, alternatively, we will be happy to consult with or supervise your own workforce.

  • Good wear resistance
  • Applied by hand
  • Supplied in bulk form
  • Prevents corrosion

Typical list of applications

  • Duct work
  • Fan castings
  • Hoppers
  • Launders
  • Pipework
  • Tanks

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