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Model K series - Industrial Air Flow Vacuum Cleaners


Industrial air-flow vacuum cleaners (K series) are an innovative products that differs from the classic industrial vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers because they simultaneously perform two types of transport, suction and compression. They are intended for daily cleaning of large areas of sediment of grain and powder materials (ash, slag, coal dust, cement powder and other) in the power, process or chemical plants, its transport and disposal on desired location.

  • Vacuuming coal dust in boiler areas of powerplants and its transport to the firebox, storehouse, station;;
  • Suction of cement dust in the cement industry;
  • Collection of mixed flour and wheat in the milling industry and their separation;
  • Suction of foundry sand, its purification and storage in the foundry industry;
  • Classification of particles of different size from ground solid waste and other

  • Greater air-flow compared to other industrial vacuum cleaners with vacuum pumps.
  • In the systems of self-discharge and thrust transport there are no impurity collectors like in conventional vacuum cleaners, all sucked dirt are blowing out by discharge pipe to the desired place which can be more than 100 meters away. The process of self-discharge is performed simultaneously with suction, and it is not necessary to stop the vacuum cleaner.
  • Greater transport power compared to vacuum cleaners of other manufacturers, which has been confirmed by actual measurements in all conditions of exploatation.
  • Lower selling price compared to competing vacuum cleaners with vacuum pumps.
  • Ability to adapt performances of vacuum cleaners to specific user requirements.
  • Robust, reliable and economical operation.
  • Higher flow of medium-pressure (vacuum) is ideal for fast and efficient cleaning of large areas of powder and granular layers of material.

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