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Wood chips, sawdust or wood shavings as well as other lumpy biomass can easily be ground with our KAHL pan grinder mill.

The raw materials differ in their surface, consistency, but also in their moisture content. Wood often has a higher moisture content than other biomasses, which can cause problems during grinding. However, pan grinder mills are adapted to precisely such biomasses and are therefore ideally suited for the grinding of wood products. The success is due in part to the crushing and grinding effect of the pan grinder rollers. The capacity ranges between a few hundred kilograms and over 40 t/h. The KAHL pan grinder mill achieves all this with minimum energy consumption in combination with silent operation, low space requirement and without aspiration system, cyclone, filter and exhaust air plant.

There are no ATEX problems with regard to the crushing of wood chips. In addition, energy consumption is low and no noise protection measures are required. Wet grinding is suitable for G30 and G50 chips. Pre-grinding can easily be carried out in a traditional hammer mill.

  • With a minimum energy consumption
  • Silent operation
  • No ATEX problems
  • Without aspiration system, cyclone, filter and exhaust air plants

Optimum crushing of raw materials!

The mill can be designed for capacity ranges from a few hundred kg up to 20 t/h and does not need much space. Both dry and wet raw material is processed.

KAHL pan grinder mills defibre wet wood chips of the categories G30 and G50. Subsequent fine grinding with conventional hammer mills is not necessary.

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