Kanomax USA, Inc.

- Model AES-1000 - Aerosol Monitor

The Aerosol Monitor which has easy-to-read display, and link to Ethernet system, can materialize simplified monitoring of Particulates at multiple location. It's the perfect for monitoring any place where you need simplified cleanliness level monitoring, such as the gowning area of a cleanroom. The monitor provides stable and sensitive detection for Particulates of 0.5 microns and larger. It has an easy-to-read air cleanliness level, equivalent of ISO5 / Class 100 - ISO8 / Class 100,000. The unique air sampling method of the AES-1000 uses a 'heater' to generate an updraft, preventing choked flow; a suction pump is not necessary. The alarm can be set to trigger when the setting level goes beyond the required cleanliness level determined by the user.

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