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The Kanomax Anemomaster Professional hot-wire thermo-anemometer accurately measures air velocity, temperature, flow-rate and pressure (optional).  It has built-in data-logging and a USB PC communication cable. The articulating probe has an upgraded design with enhanced durability.  The new probe tip flexes easily but stays in place once positioned. The telescoping probe feature makes it easy to take traverse measurements at ceiling ducts and other hard to reach places.

Comes complete with carrying case, operation manual, AA batteries, AC adapter, communication cable (only 6036), data processing software (only 6036), and NIST certificate of calibration.

Models with optional analog output and differential pressure modules are special-order, requiring 6 to 8 week lead time.
The Difference Between Anemomaster Professional and Standard
The Anemomaster Professional features a telescopic probe with articulating tip, internal data storage, PC communication cable and data processing software.  By contrast, the Anemomaster Standard has telescoping probe with a straight/fixed tip, no data storage and cannot be connected to a PC.

  • HVAC air flow testing and balancing
  • Facility maintenance
  • Critical Environment Certification
  • Fume hood performance testing
  • IAQ investigations
  • Industrial hygiene quality control
  • Clean room quality control

  • Simultaneously measures and displays air velocity and air temperature
  • Telescopic articulating probe makes it easy to take traverse measurements at ceiling ducts and other hard to reach places.
  • Data-logging function with storage capacity of up to 1500 records which allows users to work longer before pausing to upload data to a PC. (Model 6036).
  • USB connection, easy to upload to your PC or laptop. (Model 6036).
  • Highly Visible blacklit display
  • The new Anemomaster offers an optional hands-free case that can be comfortably worn by the contractor.   
  • Extended 2 year warranty

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