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We got our start in valve drivers, and to this day continue to produce them in dozens of configurations and sizes. Whether you need a simple card to take a joystick and drive a proportional valve, or you're looking for something much larger to drive several proportional sections from a wide range of control inputs with reduction inputs, etc - we've got you covered. Our baseline model is our Micro Valve Driver. It has two analog inputs (0 - 5V range, or optionally 0 - 10V or 4 - 20mA), and provides two current-regulated proportional outputs. It's perfect for interfacing between a common electronic joystick and a three way proportional valve. You can calibrate with nothing more than a screwdriver, using onboard jumpers and potentiometers to set your minimum and maximum currents, ramping profiles, and other configuration, or hook up to our patented Palm interface for simple, painless programming.

Kar-Tech's valve drivers come in three flavors, the Universal Valve Driver, loaded with preset valve information for all the major manufacturers presently on the market,our single and dual potentiometer boxes - valve drivers with a control surface on the face for a plug and play system, or the Micro Valve Driver - an extremely low-cost two input/two output proportional valve driver for simple applications. All varieties offer advanced setup and calibration via Kar-Tech's patented Palm Pilot interface, and have been designed rugged enough for any application.

With Kar-Tech's system, setting up your machine is as easy as defining your inputs and outputs, and defining which ones to talk to each other. Typical setup time is less than five minutes, and the ability to save settings makes attachment setup a breeze.

  • Weight : 1.0000
  • Height : Variable
  • Width : Variable
  • Depth : Variable
  • Communication : RS-232
  • Supply Voltage : 9V to 30VDC
  • Analog Inputs : 8 Maximum, 0-Supply Voltage (12/24VDC), 12-bit resolution with on-board +5VDC regulated analog reference for sensors. Inputs are protected for overvoltage/transient spikes.
  • Standard Outputs : 12 proportional, current controlled outputs to adjust for variation in coil resistance or input voltage. These outputs can be configured at Kar-Tech as on/off or non-regulated proportional.
  • Output Rating : 3 amp nominal, 5 amp max.
  • Housing Material : Nylon 6/6 black
  • Connector : 7 wires, 18 AWG GXL in a flame retardent mesh loom.
  • Protection Types : Epoxy-potted enclosure
  • Operating Temperature : -40°C to +85°C
  • Storage Temperature : -55°C to +100°C

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