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The Kawak Aviation cockpit adjustable proportional control valve replaces the control valve in Simplex and Isolair hydraulic systems, but can also be installed into any existing hydraulic system. This system gives you stepless repeatable flow control which means smooth operation reducing pressure surges associated with conventional check valve. Allows simple interface with a GPS for constant flow and variable rate applications keeping you in pace with the latest application technologies of field mapping and variable rate technology.

  • Integrates into any existing system
  • Requires minimal modification to the aircraft
  • Designed for low maintenance and reliability
  • The ultimate in precision control
  • Output changes with the turn of a knob
  • Improved efficiency with on the fly control
  • Infinitely adjustable control with built in max out and ramping adjustments.
  • Can be operated manually or integrated with GPS control.
  • Includes system relief, variable output control, and pressure/temperature compensator.
  • Connects to existing plumbing in most cases.
  • Lightweight relative to pressure and flow capacity.
  • Eliminates heavy pressure filters and replaces them with an inexpensive 10 micron spin on filter.

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