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- Kleen Sight Camera Nozzle



Our Kleen Sight Camera Nozzle allows the user to identify problems quickly, collapsed line, protruding laterals, deteriorating pipe, blockages, and more. Our nozzle not only records within the piping system it also cleans 360 degrees while recording. The rugged stainless steel construction, waterproof magnetic function switch, protects the camera from moisture damage and also allows for a user-friendly experience. Kleen Sight Camera has many features that make using this nozzle your go-to choice when troubleshooting and cleaning pipe systems.

  • Red and yellow LEDs indicate various camera mode
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Energy consumption in Wi-Fi mode just under 30% of recording mode
  • Multiple device access is possible
  • Files are automatically date and time stamped and packaged up to 300MB before starting new file with no loss of video
  • Download of a 300MB file takes about 165 seconds
  • Video files can be viewed instantly without downloading depending on your device and video player
  • Video Format/Info: Advanced Video Codec
  • Codec ID: H264
  • Width: 704 Pixel Height: 576 Pixel
  • Frame rate: 25 FPS
  • Standard: PAL
  • File Format .avi
  • Free conversion program for those needing .mp4 format

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