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Hospitals, hospices, medical clinics, veterinarians, etc., routinely dump contagious pathogens into the sewers and drains daily. Now, after decades of doing so, many of these dangerous pathogens are not only living, but thriving and multiplying in the sewer pipes and manholes where your team works. The newest medical studies have caused a significant increase in the level of concern by the CDC, NIOSH, OSHA, and several other agencies for worker safety in the wastewater environment. Now, there is equipment available to substantially reduce your workers degree of exposure and improve the level of safety for your agency.

Simple To Use:
It only takes a few seconds to attach and detach the cleaning collar at the operator’s station when needed. The integrated control system does the rest to automatically unleash the cleaning and protection power of the Vanguard System.

The Vanguard System easily converts into a washdown system with a 50’ reach. Workers can clean vacuum tubes, tiger-tails, nozzles, crawlers, control surfaces, etc., on their jet or CCTV truck. The spray system also provides the cleaning and killing power required for effective SSO clean up.

Easy to Install:
Whether you or your Vanguard System dealer perform the installation, the modular design and complete installation kit make it possible to install the Vanguard System on any make or model of combination, jet, or CCTV truck in a quick and efficient manner.

Environmental Protection:
Sewer trucks equipped with a Vanguard System help protect the environment by eliminating the needless transfer of bacteria, viruses, funguses, feces, root control chemicals, and other pathogens from the sewer to the above ground worksite. Some of these areas, particularly easements in residential yards, pose an added risk for children and animals who are in them shortly after sewer maintenance operations. By adding a Vanguard system to your vehicles, your team is ready for any sewer emergency, whether sanitary or storm, without fear of transferring contaminants from a dirty environment to a clean one.

The number of dangerous pathogens found in sanitary sewer systems is increasing at an alarming rate according to the latest medical studies. The Vanguard System’s revolutionary cleaning technology is designed to do one thing and do it well: reduce the number of pathogens sewer maintenance workers contact and leave behind.

By eliminating pathogens attached to the jet hose and other equipment before extraction from the sewer, the Vanguard significantly reduces worker exposure to these “hazardous hitchhikers” and leaves behind a noticeably cleaner worksite. When infection rates for workers who come in direct contact with raw sewage is kept to a minimum, this, in turn, reduces the risk of infection for their coworkers at the office, family members at home, and those in the community. Call to schedule an onsite demonstration for your agency today to see the difference for yourself.

  • Simple and easy to use; cleaning collar slips on in seconds.
  • Removes up to 98% of pathogens in an independent lab study
  • Strips off heavy grease, sludge, and foreign objects like glass and needles
  • Compatible with all sizes of jet hose and CCTV cables Operates directly from control station (front or rear)
  • Reduce potential legal liability
  • Helps reduce sick time and workers comp claims
  • Peace of mind for workers and their families
  • Reduce potential spread of sickness/disease

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