- Model KTG - Trailed Sprayer



Available with a choice of 3000, 4000, 5000-litre tank sizes, an 18-30 metre twin-fold boom, and a suite of advanced features. The new KTG Kellands Trailed Sprayer is only available for export.

Tough and reliable twin-fold booms

Kellands’ tried and trusted twin-fold boom has been developed to offer superb long term durability and boom ride. Constructed from steel and featuring a durable triangular design, it can withstand the most challenging spraying conditions.

Finished using a tough powder coat paint and stainless steel fastenings, the booms are highly corrosion resistant.

  • Triple stage boom suspension for bounce, tilt and yaw
  • Level spraying platform for accurate chemical application across the boom width
  • Smooth and stable ride protects the boom from fatigue and damage

Contour boom levelling

Ultrasonic sensors mounted on the boom enable the machine to automatically follow the contours of the ground without the need for continuous adjustment from the operator.

Booms fitted with independent boom tilt also benefit from the headland lift facility. The system automatically raises each side of the boom when the master spray switch is turned off, protecting the boom as the sprayer travels around the headland. Once the spray switch is turned on again the boom returns to its normal spraying position.

  • Enhances spraying accuracy by maintaining a consistent boom height
  • Minimises operator fatigue
  • Increases comfort

Heavy-duty chassis

Designed to cope with the toughest field conditions, the innovative stepped design allows the stainless steel tank to sit low into the chassis reducing the centre of gravity. Baffles inside the tank reduce the amount of liquid moving from side to side further improving stability while at the same time preventing liquid surge when braking sharply on the road.

For extra ground clearance to minimise crop damage, a continental hitch can be specified across the range.

Strength and durability

  • Robust stainless steel tank
  • A series of quick-release draing points enables the sprayer and boom to be drained rapidly. Anti-freeze is not required since all liquid can be drained from the machine saving time and expense


  • Hydraulic axle braking is fitted as standard
  • Load-compensating air brakes are available as an option
  • A steering axle has been fitted with a hydraulically engaged axle-locking system operated from the cab, adding an extra level of safety and security especially when towing at speed


  • High-performance pump
  • Low profile tank design enhances stability
  • Baffles within the tank prevent liquid surge under braking and when spraying on sloping ground
  • 35-litre stainless steel chemical induction hopper
  • High-pressure Venturi
  • Optional spring-off, air-open, air shutoff valves enable extremely rapid spray response times when the whole boom or an individual boom section is switched on or off
  • Dual nozzle bodies hold Multi Rate fertiliser jets without the need to fit an additional spray line


  • Accurate headland turns achieved using a tracking axle system.
  • Precise measurements are made of the tractor’s turning angle, and the system adjusts the sprayer wheels to follow perfectly behind the rear tractor wheels
  • A steering axle improves stability compared to steering draw bar alternatives.
  • When turning, the points of balance - the two wheels and the pick hitch - do not move, ensuring the centre of gravity is unaffected and making the machine more stable than sprayers using the steering draw bar system

Control systems

  • Operators can set the target application rate and the unique display helps select the right spray tip for the application
  • Once spraying begins, the display shows the application rate, volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed, and area covered
  • The built-in planning tool automatically displays the speed needed to achieve the target rate with the specified tip and will calculate the pressure necessary for achieving the target application rate when the speed is entered
  • Available with advanced Muller control systems as an option.


  • Triple nozzle bodies facilitate quick and convenient nozzle changes.
  • Quin-outlet nozzles available as an option
  • Quick-connectors ensure rapid connection and disconnection to the tractor releasing it for other uses throughout the year.
  • Two 5-way rotary valves - one for liquid suction source, the other for liquid destination - allow the operator to control every spraying function from tank fill to tank rinse
  • An easy-access filter is mounted for easy cleaning on the boom carriage.

Chassis and axle

  • Rigid towbar with hook pickup and stowage point for drawbar stand
  • Tank access platform with steps
  • Hydraulically braked axle with parking brake (1.93m (76') hub to hub)
  • 12v air compressor
  • Load compensating air suspension (2 airbags)
  • Automatic tracking axle
  • Hydraulically operated axle lock
  • Height and width adjustable mudguards
  • Twin storage lockers
  • LED road traffic lights

Stainless steel tank

  • Choice of 3000, 3500 and 4000 litre tank volume
  • 400 litre clean water tank
  • 25 litre hand wash tank
  • Dry sight gauge
  • Dual tank rinse nozzles
  • Adjustable tank agitation system


  • 18-30m twin-fold
  • Independent boom levelling (optional)
  • Electro hydraulic control of boom lift, tilt, independent tilt and fold
  • 3/4inch or 1inch stainless steel spray line, nominal bore
  • 50cm nozzle spacing
  • Triple nozzle bodies
  • Spray line prime and purge
  • Electric ball valve boom section shutoff
  • Manually controlled boom sections 4-8
  • Automatically controlled boom sections (if fitted) 4-20


  • Hydraulically driven centrifugal pump (650 litres/min)
  • 35 litre stainless steel chemical hopper with spinning can rinse optic
  • Rotary suction and pressure control valves
  • Pressure filtration system with isolation valve and flushing valve
  • Retractable hose reel and wash gun
  • Pump inlet with male quick release coupler and blanking cap


  • RDS Delta 34i rate controller (Pressure sensor)
  • Boom, steering and pump command box

Weights and dimensions

  • Length: 7.20m
  • Height: 3.60m
  • Width: 2.85m
  • Wheelbase: 4.85m
  • Ground clearance under axle: 0.72m
  • Unladen weight: 3.9 tonnes (3000 litre tank), 3.95 tonnes (3500 litre tank), 4.05 tonnes (4000 litre tank)

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