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Menardi is a recognized world leader in the supply of fabric filter media to the Alumina Refining Industry. Menardi has strategic partnerships and alliances with all of the major alumina producers in both North and South America. Many of the current standard products used in this industry were developed by Menardi and we continue to be the most innovative in the development of new products for this industry.

The heart of any alumina refinery is recognized as the 'press floor'. Problems that develop here stem from the filtration of a super saturated caustic liquor that will precipitate alumina onto the filter bag causing premature blinding or scale buildup. This is particularly evident in multifilament and spun fabrics.

Menardi now offers several all-monofilament fabrics designed specifically to reduce the scaling buildup. These fabrics are also designed to regenerate themselves more completely with routine caustic washing practiced in this application. In addition, all fabrics now have specific chemical additives that improve cake release, extend life due to less attack by heat and chemistry and, through specific weave patterns, improve cake release and reduce cake washing at the end of the filter cycle.

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