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KERAFLEX wear protection systems are a combination of KALOCER High Alumina Ceramics or KALMETALL-W hard overlay welded plates vulcanized onto rubber mats for a wear resistant surface. Mechanically attached to a steel structure using studs or bolts, the composite lining has a maximum application temperature of 80°C /176°F.

  • Impact resistant components.
  • Hard and wear resistant surface.
  • Impact wear resistance assemblies with a customized rubber layer as well as optimal vulcanization of the system designed for specific conditions.
  • Simple and reliable mechanical attachment.
  • Can be glued in place when steel backing plate is not used.
  • Elements easily replaceable.
  • Good sound insulation and reduction.
  • Optimal adaptation to the specific requirements thanks to varying sizes, thickness and design.
  • Standard sizes include: 24” x 12”, 20” x 20”, 12” x 12” and 6” x 6”. Custom sizes also available.

The system consists of KALOCER high alumina ceramics, rubber and steel that are vulcanized into a single assembly. The elements are mechanically attached to the subsurface by bolts or threaded studs on the back. The bolt system can also be used with KERAFLEX-WRM and KERAFLEX-RM.

The system consists of a combination of KALOCER high alumina ceramics and rubber. The elements are flexible and can be matched to surfaces of varying geometry. KERAFLEX-KR is normally glued in place. Different types of adhesive are available for that purpose.

The KERAFLEX-WRM system consists of KALMETALL-W, rubber and a steel backing plate. The system is vulcanized into a single assembly.

KERAFLEX-RM is a system made up of rubber and steel vulcanized together. It can be bolted or glued into place.

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