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- Blanket Press Wash Cleaner Concentrate


BLANKET WASH is advanced water-based cleaning technology that chemically emulsifies printing ink and other soils in the press room environment. Blanket Wash is designed for on and off press cleaning applications, including press maintenance, roller and blanket washing, parts cleaning, general all-purpose and floor cleaning. Blanket Wash meets the highest standards set for material compatibility,environmental, health and safety.

Blanket Wash can be used in in spray and wipe, parts washers, mop bucket or automatic floor scrubbers without leaving any residue.

  • Safer alternatives to dangerous cleaning chemicals our water-based solutions replace hazardous chemicals,such as mineral spirits, petroleum-based products, caustics alkaline products, butyls and ozone-depleting products.
  • Aqueous, non-hazardous cleaning solutions for a range of industries, including printing, machining, mining, manufacturing, and for heavy-duty and light-duty fleet washing.
  • Quickly removes ink, grease, oil and other organic deposits.
  • Non soy formulation.
  • Safe on blankets, rollers, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.
  • Advanced corrosion protection.
  • Safer for the worker and enviornmentally responsible.
  • Does not contain any chelating ingredients, such as EDTA, phosphates, caustics or chlorinated solvents.
  • Concentrated for cost effetiveness.
  • Contains no HAPS.
  • Passed the Ocular and Dermal Irritection Assay System testing. The ocular results indicated that the sample of Blanket Press Wash is a mild ocular irritant. The dermal results demonstrated that the sample is a dermal non-irritant.
  • Aqueous, non-hazardous cleaning solutions.

How is Water Works™ Blanket Wash different from other cleaners?

Unlike traditional cleaners such as high alkaline or solvent, Water Works™ uses the power of water. This technology is safer for the material being cleaned, the environment and the worker.

This product meets the Green Seal™ Standard for Cleaning and Degreasing Agents, GS-34, based on its reduced hazard to humans, reduced aquatic impacts, reduced smog production, and low ozone depletion potential.

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