absorbent industry equipment in Canada

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    Process Photometers

    Products for inline measurement of UV absorption and NIR / VIS absorption in all industries. Process photometers for UV absorption, NIR and VIS provide precise and compliant inline concentration, color and turbidity measurement. Thanks to their hygienic design, they are ideally suited for chromatography, fermentation, filtration, phase separation ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Process Photometers Product line

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    TurboSorb - Semi-Dry Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA)

    MEGTEC offers SDA technology to treat industrial process gas streams, with applications in biofuels, incineration, iron and steel, mining and metallurgical, cement, and waste-to-energy, to name a few. Our SDAs provide effective control of SOx and HCl by the injection of calcium, potassium or sodium-based slurries. Unlike wet scrubbers, all water ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC Office in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Semi-Dry Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) Product line

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    Model E - Heavy 53 mm Sample Ring Kit

    The sample set with postfix SE, for very hard soils, can be used to take samples in virtually all soils. The samples can be taken on the surface, in auger holes or in profile pits, above as well as under the groundwater level. The heavy duty closed ring holder in this set is fitted with a conical threaded connection which means that the ring ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Heavy 53 mm Sample Ring Kit Product line

  • HORIBA - Model VS7000-CCD-HS - Miniature CCD Spectrometer

    VS7000-CCD-HS Miniature CCD Spectrometer. Available for US OEM customers only, High-performance fiber optic spectrometer for OEM volumes: UV-VIS (200–860 nm), VIS (380–750 nm), and UV-NIR (200–1050 nm), High-speed electronics (770 spectra/s), High throughput (f/2.8), Ultra-low stray light, Ideal for industrial low-light ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in CANADA. from Miniature CCD Spectrometer Product line

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    Hilliard - Industrial Centrifugal Clutch

    The Hilliard centrifugal clutch provides automatic, gradual, cushioned engagement over a speed range on high-inertia loads. It smooths out and reduces starting current surge. Centrifugal clutches are slip-free at rated load and speed. They protect against overload by limiting torque, absorbing shock and eliminating torsional resonance. Hilliard ...

    By Hilliard Corporation Distributor in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Industrial Centrifugal Clutch Product line

  • Can-Dry All Purpose Absorbent

    Can-Dry is a coarse, clay based, granular absorbent for industrial applications. Available in 36 lb. (16.3kg)  plastic bags.

    By West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd. based in Saanichton, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Can-Dry All Purpose Absorbent Product line

  • AVL Systems DiSorb - Lightweight Acoustical Control Devices

    AVL Systems DiSorb Diffuser-Absorbers are lightweight acoustical control devices for mounting on ceilings and wall surfaces. These attractive products have been designed to achieve optimal performance with the use of computer modeling analysis combined with laboratory and application testing. DiSorb Diffuser-Absorbers provide spatial diffusion of ...

    By Shelron Enterprises based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Lightweight Acoustical Control Devices Product line

  • National Filtration Systems (NFS)

    Clark-Reliance Filtration Systems represent a combination of National Filtration Systems (NFS) skid building expertise with the quality of Anderson Coalescers and Separators, along with the excellence of Hycoa Liquid Filters. From Packaged Fuel Gas Conditioning to Lube Oil Filtration and Molecular Sieve Absorbers, Clark-Reliance Filtration Group ...

    By Clark-Reliance Corporation Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from National Filtration Systems (NFS) Product line

  • Model Floor Gator - Premium Oil Absorbent

    Floor Gator is a premium oil absorbent designed for the industrial and automotive market. Floor Gator is manufactured from renewable agricultural products. It is an all purpose absorbent that uses capillary absorbent technology. Floor Gator is engineered for safe, fast and economical liquid spill pick up. The strong wicking action of Floor Gator ...

    By Oilgator International based in Penticton, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Model KI-SPHAG - Sphag Sorb (Peat Absorbent)

    Sphag Sorb is a lightweight, biodegradable, industrial absorbent manufactured from sphagnum peat moss.

    By West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd. based in Saanichton, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Sphag Sorb (Peat Absorbent) Product line


    Coconut coir is a layer of fibrous material that is a by-product of the coconut industry. It’s structure of hollow and narrow cells resemble honeycomb giving coir incredible retention properties and making it a naturally superior  absorbent. The chemical compound,  phenol, is a naturally found within coconut coir, making the fiber effective at ...

    By Saltex Inc. based in North York, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Rail-Road Absorbent Track Mats

    Rail-Road Absorbent Track Mat exceeds the demands faced by the transportation industry's toughest spill-containment challenges. Our Rail-Road Mat stays on the job twice as long as conventional track mats.

    By Just Suk It Up Limited based in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Rail-Road Absorbent Track Mats Product line


    Industrial Shock Absorbers To download PARKERSIZE Industrial Shock Absorber Selection Program click here All shock absorber outer body materials are machined from 1-piece, heavy-duty, black anodized carbon steel for reliability and corrosion resistance. Complete line of self-compensating and adjustable shock absorbers available Bore sizes ...

    By Parker Hannifin Corp Distributor in Thornhill, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Canadyne - Oil Sorbents and Spill Kits

    Canadyne offers a complete range of premium quality polypropylene oil absorbent products for industrial and marine spill use. Our sorbents are available in many forms, including pads, rolls, booms, socks, sweeps, and pillows. We also offer a complete range of oil spill kits, which are readily customizable to our clients needs.

    By Canadyne Technologies Inc. based in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Oil Sorbents and Spill Kits Product line

  • EazyZorb - Multi-Purpose Mat with Leak-Proof Barrier

    The unique EazyZorb Mat provides industrial strength protection with a top layer that absorbs and traps nearly any type of liquid and a patented, leak-proof barrier underneath to prevent the mess from seeping through! Mat size: 30 in x 36 in (76.2 cm x 91.44 cm). Cuts easily to fit any size space.

    By Absorbent Products Ltd. based in Kamloops, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Multi-Purpose Mat with Leak-Proof Barrier Product line

  • Drip Defender

    The Drip Defender is a rugged, easy-to-use, all purpose spill collection pad that will catch drips from under all types of vehicles, industrial machinery, or any other potential sources for leaks. Constructed of durable Chem-Shied material, the Drip Defender includes a window style pocket designed to hold an absorbent pad to increase protection ...

    By West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd. based in Saanichton, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Drip Defender Product line

  • Trees-to-Credit Process

    A novel industry-community partnership in absorbing atmospheric CO2 through growing of fast growing, economical viable and environmentally adaptive trees species using the latest conservation agriculture (reduced tillage) techniques and generate carbon. See GGSSI’s ongoing “Trees for Credit Projects”).

    By Greenhouse Gas Separation Systems Inc. (GGSSI) based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • EnviroGuard - Model HGS100 - Universal Single Weight Bonded Pad

    Universal Single Weight Bonded Pad; 6.5 lbs per bale - 60 bales per pallet, 15' X 18' pad size. The pads are made from a single layer of meltblown which is sonically bonded together. The sonic bond points make the pad less prone to stray fibers becoming detached. This gives the pad a very even structure which contributes to the pad’s good ...

    By EnviroGuard Ltd. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Universal Single Weight Bonded Pad Product line

  • VIG Industries - Model 300 - Single Gas Non-Dispersive Infrared NDIR Analyzer

    The VIG Industries, Inc. Model 300 is designed to measure a single gas (or two with oxygen option). The Model 300 optical bench consists of the IR source, sample cell, and patent pending detector. The source control circuit provides a controlled current square wave to the infrared source. No mechanical chopper is used so there are no moving parts ...

    By VIG Industries Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Single Gas Non-Dispersive Infrared NDIR Analyzer Product line

  • Hi-Point - Sorb Sox

    Acting as a floating barrier that assists in the clean-up process of removing oil from the water's surface, Hi-Point Sorb Sox are the first means of defense against oil spills. Hi-Point Industries has designed various models and sizes of Sorb Sox for all types of spills. Whether the purpose is to contain, collect, absorb, or deflect oil, Hi-Point ...

    By Hi Point Industries Ltd. based in Bishops Falls, NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA). from Sorb Sox Product line

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