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acoustic insulation equipment

  • Acoustic Insulation System

    With today's stringent noise regulations becoming even more demanding, we can offer a range of acoustic solutions for your waste extraction plant.

    By Impact Air Systems based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Acoustic Insulation System Product line

  • SRS - Model Maxideck - Acoustic Flooring - Acoustic Insulation

    Maxideck acoustic flooring is a high performance acoustic flooring solution, designed to comply with Building Regulations Part E.  Maxideck is ideal for conversion or newbuild projects, and is a cost effective and time efficient method of exceeding both the airborne and impact noise standards in many different constructions. Maxideck is also ...

    By Sound Reduction Systems Ltd based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Acoustic Flooring - Acoustic Insulation Product line

  • SRS - Maxiboard for Walls - Acoustic Insulation

    Maxiboard is a high acoustic performance composite building board designed for use within buildings. Maxiboard is suitable for use on walls and ceilings and can be used to meet the sound insulation performance requirements of Part ‘E’ of the Building Regulations for separating structures. A sister product, Maxideck, has been developed ...

    By Sound Reduction Systems Ltd based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Maxiboard for Walls - Acoustic Insulation Product line

  • Model Fibertex Pan - Thermal and Acoustic Insulating Panel

    Thermal and acoustic insulating panel made by natural recycled textile fibers for the insulation of cavity and ventilated roofs. Fibertex Pan is an insulating panel made of recycled textile fibers, to be used for thermal insulation and sound insulation of cavities and ventilated roofs. Available in handy felt panels of different thickness from 30 ...

    By Diasen s.r.l based in Sassoferrato, ITALY. from Thermal and Acoustic Insulating Panel Product line

  • SRS - Impactafoam Acoustic Foam - Acoustic Insulation

    Impactafoam is designed to form a resilient layer reducing impact noise transmission in concrete and timber floors. Impactafoam is an inert cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, therefore providing a vapour barrier with good compression strength. In a concrete construction, Impactafoam is laid as a membrane between a structural concrete ...

    By Sound Reduction Systems Ltd based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Impactafoam Acoustic Foam - Acoustic Insulation Product line

  • SRS - Acoustilay Acoustic Underlay - Acoustic Insulation

    Acoustilay is the perfect product for sound insulating floors in domestic situations and can be used above most lath and plaster and resiliently fixed, double plasterboard ceilings to bring the overall floor/ceiling construction up to the standards of Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003). Acoustilay can also be used to enhance the ...

    By Sound Reduction Systems Ltd based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Acoustilay Acoustic Underlay - Acoustic Insulation Product line

  • SRS - Coustifoam, Acoustic Foam for Walls - Acoustic Insulation

    Coustifoam is a matt black acoustic foam, designed for installation where acoustic absorption is required (i.e. to reduce reverberation). It is ideal as an acoustic lining to soffits or walls, or for laying over the back of open cell suspended ceilings. The flexibility of Coustifoam allows it to be easily formed around penetrations or follow any ...

  • Model Fiberkenaf Pan - Eco-Friendly Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Panel

    Eco-friendly thermal and acoustic insulation panel made from natural fibers of hemp and kenaf for the insulation of ventilated roofs and cavity walls. Fiberkenaf Pan is an insulation panel composed by hemp and kenaf fiber, to be used for thermal insulation and sound insulation of cavity walls and ventilated roofs. Available in handy felt panels of ...

    By Diasen s.r.l based in Sassoferrato, ITALY. from Eco-Friendly Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Panel Product line

  • Vibro-Acoustics - MoldBlock Media Silencers

    Traditional dissipative silencers have historically included fiberglass or mineral wool insulation as the acoustical media fill used to pack the internal sound attenuating chambers and baffles. In response to air quality and environmentally-conscious design concerns, Vibro-Acoustics offers MoldBlock Media silencers which use a cotton-fiber based ...

    By Vibro-Acoustics based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from MoldBlock Media Silencers Product line

  • Acoustical Duct and Pipe Insulation System

    Flexible sound reduction insulation or lagging is applied to pipes, ducts, and other surfaces to stop break-out noise radiated off the surface that is covered.

    By Acoustical Systems, Inc. based in Vandalia, OHIO (USA).

  • Insulation Facings

    Innovations from Lenzing: Insulation Facings for Bonding to Insulating Materials. We manufacture innovative products for the building industry: fabrics and laminates made of polyethylene, polypropylene, aluminum or polyester. They are used for bonding insulating materials for thermal and acoustic applications – for example, piping, ...

    By Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KG based in Lenzing, AUSTRIA. from Insulation Facings Product line

  • Acoustical Blankets

    TEP fabricates “Cousti-Panel” and “Acoustical blankets” for sound attenuation applications. “Cousti-Panels” are a diamond-shaped quilted insulation blanket that can be fabricated in “hanging” panels or custom-fitted over a framed enclosure. “Acoustical Blankets” are a specially designed ...

    By Thermal Energy Products Inc. (TEP) based in Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Insulating Pads

    Our insulating pads are used wherever acoustic and thermal emissions have a marked influence on the surroundings. Due to the installation-friendly design of the insulating pads you can carry out installation independently without tools so that no outside intervention in your processes is necessary. The version of our pads is available with clamp ...

    By BBM Gerber Technologie GmbH based in Dortmund, GERMANY. from Insulating Pads Product line

  • Noise Police - Acoustic Blankets

    Noise Police Acoustic blankets offer ideal solutions from noises in the workplace. Ranging from protection from harmful noises associated with industrial production to efficiency increasing sound dampening in the office workplace, Pacor’s acoustic blankets will meet your sound management needs. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to ...

    By Pacor Inc based in Bordentown, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Acoustic Blankets Product line

  • HodgeClemco - Acoustic Booths

    Where noise reduction is paramount Hodge Clemco offers a purpose-designed range of equipment to meet these needs. Our acoustic booths are manufactured from composite panels filled with a range of material options (e.g. Rockwool) with robust steel inner and outer skins which provide excellent noise and thermal insulation properties. All our ...

    By Hodge Clemco Ltd. based in South Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Acoustic Booths Product line

  • Insulation Aritherm Panel

    The innovative insulation aritherm is a new generation material combining both thermal and acoustic insulation ; produced in panel and batt form. Manufactured by thermo-bonded layers of high tenacity polyester fibers offering the ultimate thermal and acoustic insulation.

    By Fibralco S.A. based in Athens, GREECE.

  • Ecostill - Acoustic Barriers

    The acoustic barriers allow you to isolate and absorb sound energy produced from noisy sources. They find application inside workplaces as silent room dividers, between workstations, or around machines and plants, or outside, such as barriers on the borders of noisy factories or infrastructure such as roads, highways or railways. The panels used ...

    By Ecostil Group Srl based in Nove (VI), ITALY.

  • Acoustic Doors

    Acoustic doors are an essential component in providing a room that is well insulated acoustically. Doors and door-frames are often the weakest links in sound transmission from and into the room. Acoustic doors are typically constructed from multiple layers of a variety of materials. The different layers contribute to the attenuation of sound ...

    By Acoustics Hellas based in Spata, GREECE.

  • Acoustical Ventilation

    Noise Solutions acoustically treated building ventilation dissipates heat from fully enclosed buildings. This ensures enough air is able to sweep across the engine and the compressor to keep the building cool. Loud noise stays trapped inside and the overall working environment is substantially improved.

    By Noise Solutions Inc based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • ALPHAfon-AD - Acoustic Doors

    Acoustic doors ALPHAfon-AD are an advanced noise control product, created by our years of experience in the field of consulting and manufacturing acoustics and noise control applications. Utilising the above with our academic and technical research at the National Polytechnic University of Athens, Acoustic doors ALPHAfon-AD guarantee high standard ...

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Acoustic Doors Product line

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