acoustic leak detection technology equipment near Virginia

  • LeakFinder - Model ST - Advanced Acoustic Leak Detection System

    Echologics is globally recognized as a leader in non-invasive leak detection technology.  Echologics’ flagship LeakFinder-ST correlator is a result of extensive research as well as the input from global leak detection experts on the user interface and design of equipment to meet the needs of end user.

  • EchoShore - Model DX Platform - Continuous Leak Detection Monitoring for Distribution Mains

    Early leak detection is vital for distribution systems, with the ability to identify system failure points before they impact customer service levels. When water resources are limited, early leak detection is a valuable tool in reducing non-revenue water and extending pipe asset life. The EchoShore-DX platform is a fixed leak detection technology ...

  • UltraSonic - Model EX-5 - Gas Leak Detector

    Instantly detect pressurized gas leaks with this high-precision, omni-direction device. Features advanced acoustic detection technology. Works even when traditional methods of detection are unsuitable or dependent on ventilation. The patented self-test system provides fail-safe operation. Functions in extreme weather conditions, making it ideal ...

    By Mine Safety Appliances Co (MSA) Distributor in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA). from Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Product line

  • Premium

    AQUAPHON A 200 - Electro-Acoustic Water Leak Detection Device

    Electro-acoustic water leak detection: professional - flexible - intelligent. Ideal for detecting leaks in water pipe networks. When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes by electro-acoustic means, the hearing and experience of the user are paramount. The AQUAPHON system supports and simplifies this detection process thanks to the outstanding ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH Distributor in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Electro-Acoustic Water Leak Detection Product line

  • Premium

    AquaTest T10 - Robust Test Rod for Electro-Acoustic Water Leak Detection Outdoors

    The AquaTest T10 is a test rod with innovative technology and ergonomic design. Its strength lies in the prelocation of leaks in water pipe networks. The AquaTest T10 is the first test rod made by SEWERIN for which no additional receiver is required. The headphones are activated not by any common key but by a special sensor area. The noises that ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH Distributor in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Electro-Acoustic Water Leak Detection Product line

  • Case Inspection System

    The PRO Series Case system from TapTone is designed for non-contact, non-destructive, 100% automatic container inspection through a sealed cardboard and/or shrink wrapped case. The system offers the option of acoustic or proximity technology to inspect glass jars with metal closures or metal cans for pressure or vacuum ...

    By Teledyne TapTone based in North Falmouth,, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Leak Sensors Product line

  • Gassonic - Model Observer-i - Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

    Instantly detect pressurized gas leaks with this high-precision, omni-direction acoustic detector. Works even when traditional methods of gas detection are unsuitable or dependent on ventilation. Features Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology that distinguishes between real gas leaks and false alarm sources without requiring any in-field ...

    By General Monitors Office in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Gas Detectors Product line

  • Pipepod - Hydrostatic Leak Locator System

    The system operates by using a unique cabling technique for long distance pipe leak detection without the requirement of water flow within a pipeline. Internal acoustic technology is fast becoming the most reliable technique of accurately tracing leaks on all material pipelines. The Pipepod Hydrostatic is a failsafe for all new pipe installation ...

    By Pipa Ltd based in Derby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Investigator Gas

    Piloted in Northern Gas Networks (UK), in 2013 JD7 commercially launched its live gas insertion system capable of 100m travel.  This technology incorporates not only high resolution CCTV camera sensors but also a highly sensitive acoustic sensor coupled with a sonde. The acoustic sensor is used for precise leak detection pinpointing in all ...

    By JD7 Limited based in Derby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Water Leak detection

    Hydrosave is the leading specialist water leak detection contractor in the UK. We combine the latest technologies with effective campaign planning and a best practice methodology. Underground Water Leak detection is principally carried out utilising high resolution acoustics technology from world leading suppliers of leak detection equipment ...

    By Hydrosave based in Kettering, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Lecksucher - Model LS 01 - Acoustical Leak Detection System

    Acoustical leak detection system with high sensitive microphone technology. Pressuriesed water generates a noise if water flows out of a leak. The leak noise travels through the water  and the pipewall and can be detected at direct contact points like valves and hydrants. The leak noise can easily be picked up and amplified by the LS 01 and ...

    By Esders GmbH based in Hasel√ľnne, GERMANY. from Water Leak Detection Product line

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