activated sludge equipment available in Senegal

  • Biomicrobe Technology - TPU MEMBRANES

    The TPU membrane will be your best choice for lower pressure applications. TPU features an opening pressure of 15 mbar (at 8 m³ air / m aerator). TPU combines all the advantages of silicone and rubber in one membrane: plasticizer-free, smooth surface, good chemical resistance, temperature and weather resistance, high tear resistance and good ...

    By Biomicrobe Technology based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

  • Kubota Membrane - Submerged Membrane Unit (SMU)

    KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit (Kubota SMU) is applied to multiple wastewater treatment processes including domestic/rural, sewage and industrial all over the world. The flow pattern across the membrane is a cross-flow type, separating the mixed liquor into permeate (treated water) and activated sludge. The membrane unit consists of a diffuser ...

    By Kubota Membrane Europe Ltd. based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BIOTIP - Model Max - Modern Conventional Device for Biological Wastewater Treatment

    BIOTIP max is a modern conventional device for biological wastewater treatment. The process of treatment with or without recovery of return activated sludge. I made aeration” branches” that provide good mixing bioaeration all parts of the basin. The main objects of the device BIOTIP maxare: space for the plant to fine-mechanical ...

    By INTERPLAN d.o.o. based in Karlovac, CROATIA.

  • G-H Systems - Hydraulic Differential Clarifier

    The G-H Systems hydraulic differential clarifier is the most efficient way of collecting and returning biological solids back to the reactor basin while discharging the cleanest effluent. Each mechanism revolution provides two passes that rakes and vacuums the clarifier floor. Keeping the activated sludge in the aeration basin longer than other ...

    By G-H Systems, Inc. based in Georgetown, TEXAS (USA). from Hydraulic Differential Clarifier Product line

  • Aquarius - Ceramic Disc Diffuser

    The Aquarius Ceramic Disc Diffuser is constructed of high temperature composite alumina oxide ceramic that is thermally bonded at high temperatures.The ceramic disc is highly resistant to harsh chemicals often found in industrial wastewater.The density of the ceramic disc across the diffuser varies with the contour profile and peripheral channel, ...

    By Aquarius Technologies, LLC based in Saukville, WISCONSIN (USA). from Ceramic Disc Diffuser Product line

  • AWA - Model CL Series - Colorimetric Online Analyser

    Waste water treatment plants. Industrial applications. Surface water monitoring. Ultra-pure water. Steam and condensate water. Osmosis plants. Ion exchange systems. Boiler feed water. Demineralisers. Process control. Process optimisation of waste water treatment plants. Monitoring activated sludge basins. Monitoring waste water treatment plant ...

    By Awa Instruments based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • Treating Flue Gas / Incinerator Fumes

    Incineration method is widely used for eliminating of sewage sludge and house hold waste. During the process it eliminates toxic products like dioxins , furans heavy metals like mercury and eco toxic organic components like PCB’s granular activated carbon for fixed bed filters. CarbUSA offers wide range of and powered activated carbon for ...

    By CarbUSA LLC based in Rochester, NEW YORK (USA). from Treating Flue Gas / Incinerator Fumes Product line

  • iDISC - Aeration System

    The INVENT iDISC has been developed and optimized for the use in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. It efficiently supplies the mixed liquor in the activated sludge tank with oxygen and is suitable for almost all variations of the activated sludge process. iDISC- Diffuser systems are tailor-made to match the needs of every ...

    By INVENT Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik AG based in Erlangen, GERMANY. from Aeration System Product line

  • iTURBO - Compressor

    INVENT has a long tradition of providing energy efficient products, systems and solutions for wastewater treatment plants around the world. The iTURBO – Compressor is specially suited for supplying air to aeration systems in activated sludge plants. The iTURBO  – Compressor is a single stage high-speed turbo compressor.

    By INVENT Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik AG based in Erlangen, GERMANY. from Compressor Product line

  • Physical-Chemical and Aerobic Plants

    High efficiency (96-98%) physical-chemical and aerobic systems with specific technologies for industrial wastewater treatment. Simple and compact layout, suitable for small areas requiring installations. Veolia Italia plants, equipment and machinery comply with the highest quality standards of production and design. With our own internal design ...

    By Veolia Water Technologies Italia S.p.A. based in Zoppola, ITALY.

  • Dropbox - Automatic Wastewater Treatment System

    Developed through Miranda's own R&D efforts, Dropbox® is a fully automatic wastewater treatment system especially designed for domestic wastewater treatment applications in capacities ranging from 50 people to 30.000 people. Representing the ultimate in wastewater treatment systems, Miranda consumes as little as one fifth of the ...

    By Miranda Water Treatment Systems based in Ankara, TURKEY.

  • EnBac - Model B500 - Activated Sludge Systems

    EnBac B500 is a powder containing a specially-formulated range of micro-organisms to biologically treat wastewater in wastewater treatment plants (wwtp) receiving domestic sewage from homes, offices and businesses.

    By Bio-Systems Corporation Ltd based in Carlisle, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AquaPASS - Phased Activated Sludge System

    The AquaPASS system is a time-managed activated sludge technology that integrates select unit processes into a single biological treatment system.

    By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. based in Loves Park, ILLINOIS (USA). from Phased Activated Sludge System Product line

  • Bidirectional Jet Aerators

    Four bidirectional mix jet aerators in round tank for a paper manufacturer. Three bidirectional mix jet aerators Three bidirectional mix jet aerators in an lagoon for a food manufacturer. Bidirectional mix jet aerator One of seven bidirectional mix jet aerators in an activated sludge lagoon for a pulp manufacturer. Bidirectional mix jet aerator ...

    By Mixing Systems, Inc. based in Dayton, OHIO (USA). from Bidirectional Jet Aerators Product line

  • Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR)

    Membrane bioreactors (MBR) combine activated sludge treatment with a membrane liquid-solid separation process. The membrane component uses low pressure microfiltration or ultra filtration membranes and eliminates the need for clarification and tertiary filtration. The membranes are typically immersed in the aeration tank; however, some ...

    By AWT Watertreatment BV based in Andelst, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model PM - Airlift Pumps

    Airlift pumps type PM (PM 1”, PM 1 ½”, PM 2” and PM 110) are designed for pumping different kind of media. They are particularly useful during wastewater treatment, recirculation of activated sludge, pumping raw wastewater and removing sand from sand traps.

    By AEC ApS based in Copenhagen, DENMARK. from Airlift Pumps Product line

  • Mantec - Ceramic Diffusers

    Fine Bubble DiffusionMantec has a range of fine bubble aerators/diffusers available in a variety of ceramic materials. Mantec strives to offer the customer the very best advice on the selection of materials and specifications to meet today’s water treatment applications.Ceramic DiffusersPorous ceramics have traditionally been used to disperse ...

    By Mantec Filtration - a division of Mantec Technical Ceramics Ltd. based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ceramic Diffusers Product line

  • Model MJP series - Single Stage Vertical Submersible Sewage Pump (SEW)

    MJP submersible motor pumps are used for pumping all types of sewage and effluent in water treatment and industry, especially untreated sewage with long fibrous and solid substances, liquids containing air and gas as well as raw, activated and digested sludge.

    By BEKA-Pumpen GmbH based in Frankfurt, GERMANY.

  • BIOTIM - Aerobic Wastewater ­Treatment Technology

    The BIOTIM aerobic wastewater treatment technology is our conventional and proven-concept aerobic wastewater treatment system. This solution is a turn-key and fully integrated biological wastewater treatment system in which the secondary or biological treatment step in the water treatment process consists of an activated sludge reactor tank ...

    By Waterleau based in Wespelaar, BELGIUM. from Aerobic Wastewater ­Treatment Technology Product line

  • SpinPro - Dry and Liquid Emulsion Polymers

    We supply Dry and Liquid Emulsion Polymers. Emulsion polymers are the most concentrated of the liquid polymer family varying from 20% to 50% activity as compared to dry products which are 100% active. Spinpro polymers are available in solutions of coagulants, flocculants, emulsions, or dry flocculants. We carry a full line of anionic, ...

    By SPINPRO based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA). from Dry and Liquid Emulsion Polymers Product line

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