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aeration blower equipment

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    Fluence HURRICANE - Submersible Aerator

    This uniquely designed aerator provides oxygen from the bottom up without the need for an external blower, providing 360-degree radial mixing. The Hurricane submersible aerator’s 360-degree radial mixing system incorporates new, unique air diffusers for high oxygenating efficiency and thorough mixing over a wide area.

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Submersible Aerator Product line

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    Airmaster Aerator - Model Turbo - Aerators for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    Airmaster Aerator specializes in aerators, aeration, industrial wastewater treatment, pond aeration, wastewater aeration systems and aeration equipment. The Airmaster Aerator 'TURBO' aeration system is one of the most advanced and efficient aerator technologies available on the market today. Our industrial and ...

    By Airmaster Aerator, L.L.C. based in DeRidder, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Biobca - Sewage Treatment Plant

    The most tradicional, with reactor, decantator and blower with difussers. From 30 to 1000 users. This is the most tradicional of the sewage treatment plants, an aeration area and a decantador. The air blowing is produced by means of a suppressor or blower which sends the air to the bottom of the reactor, the air emerges to the surface through a ...

    By BIOTRIT S.A. based in Sabadell, SPAIN. from Sewage Treatment Plant Product line

  • EKOTON Industrial Group - Aeration systems for Purpose of the Aeration System

    Aeration systems are intended for uniform distribution of air, supplied from the compressor or blower pump, in layer of water. To solve this problem the system forms small air bubbles which saturate water with oxygen and provide liquid mixing. Aeration systems are used at flotation, in aerobic stabilizers of deposits, in reservoirs, but aeration ...

    By EKOTON Industrial Group based in Belgorod, RUSSIA.

  • Aeration Systems & Equipments

    Vents (aerators) surface, - Jet aerator, - Surface aerators of low and high speed, stationary and floating. - Rotary Blowers (blowers): Diffusers in the biological reactors have two objectives: the first is to carry oxygen demand for organic matter oxidation and also mix the tank contents in the aeration and mixing chamber. The diffusers can be ...

    By TECNIAGUAS based in Bogotá D.C., COLOMBIA.

  • Packaged Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units

    Functioning in line with the principles of biological contact stabilization, Arpakcompact units consist of mainly aeration, clarification, (parallel plated) and aerobic sludge digestion sections. A root type blower is used to provide oxygen which in return is released through the tiny-sized pores of nozzles forming small bubbles for aeration.

    By Artas Group based in Beşiktaş, TURKEY.



    By Huadong Blower Co.,Ltd based in CHINA.

  • Blower Packages System

    CAMCORP's pressure, vacuum, combination pressure/vacuum positive and regenerative blower packages are available in a wide variety of configurations for engineered performance. All packages are designed to meet your specific needs for pneumatic conveying and aeration systems. A wide range of blowers are available.

    By CAMCORP, Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Blower Packages System Product line

  • Mazzei - Activated Sludge Wastewater Aeration System

    Mazzei technology makes the treatment of wastewater basins easier, more efficient and quieter. Using either Mazzei’s patented AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Technology or as a pure oxygen system, wastewater is pumped through one or more high efficiency Mazzei® Venturi injectors, forcing ambient air or concentrated oxygen to aspirate ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Activated Sludge Wastewater Aeration System Product line

  • Activated Sludge Aeration

    Mazzei technology makes the treatment of industrial wastewater basins easier, more efficient and quieter. Using either Mazzei’s patented AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Technology or a pure oxygen system, wastewater is pumped through one or more high efficiency Mazzei® Venturi injectors, forcing ambient air or concentrated oxygen to ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Activated Sludge Aeration Product line

  • Coarse Bubble - High Rate Mixing and Aeration Systems

    Tideflex Technology’s Coarse Bubble Aeration Systems provide the operators with extreme flexibility in operational methods for their process systems. Now the process requirements of the system can drive the operational methods not the limitations of the equipment within the tank. Tideflex’s innovative duckbill check valve diffuser is ...

  • Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants

    The Bio-Pure Flowpath for Commercial, Industrial or larger off mains applications. We Build It Ltd have developed its range of package Sewage Treatment Plants utilising proven SAF (submerged aerated filter) technology for maximum performance and reliability, using the most reliable energy efficient aeration blowers with a prolonged integral flow ...

    By We Build It Ltd. based in Bridgnorth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Himel - Model BLG - Aeration Blowers

    Aeration blowers BLG are specifically designed for medium, large silos and especially for large area flat storage silos. BLG blowers have a very high efficiency and still run very quiet and stable.

    By Himel Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG based in Melchingen, GERMANY. from Aeration Blowers Product line

  • Model U740 - Micro Media Bio Reactor System

    Micro-media in tank and Ultra-Filtration membrane cartridges. 1 x Feed / suction pump Aeration diffusers and blower. 1 x Set of manifolds. 1 x Pressure or suction gauge. 1 x Rotameter. Stainless or epoxy coated steel frame . PVC piping, hoses and quick couplings . Optional Supply: Air compressor, RO membranes, and/or product tank.

    By Hydromaster International Pte Ltd based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Compact wastewater treatment units (SBR, etc.), Screening (Rotary drum screens) , Lamella Oil separator, Flotation Systems (DAF), Evaporator systems for chemical effluents, Filter & Belt press for sludge dewatering, Centrifuge for sludge dewatering, MBR Units, MBBR Technology, Mixers, Blowers, Diffusers, Screw Conveyors, Scrapers Chemica.l ...

  • aero-sys - Compact Aeration System

    The new aero-sys compact aeration system (pat. pend.) produces the process air for the biological treatment right there where it will be utilized: with a submerged blower right in the basin. The system consists of three parts: submerged blower: A highly efficient and compact submerged blower. Control system: a well balanced control with ...

    By Roshard AG based in Brüttisellen, SWITZERLAND. from Compact Aeration System Product line

  • KLa - Complete Systems

    A typical system consists of the slot injector aerators, jet mixers or jet aerators complete with in-basin piping system, back-flush system, liquid recirculation pumps and air blowers. The pumps supplied are either end suction centrifugal, submersible, or self-priming. Low pressure air is delivered by positive displacement blowers, screw ...

    By KLa Systems, Inc. based in Assonet, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • EFLO - Model SHIP - Biological Treatment Plant

    Biological treatment for reduction of BOD, COD and TSS. The EfloMarine treatment plant is a biological treatment plant using Extended Aeration system. The plant is designed to biologically treat both black & grey water. In the final part of the process, the treated water is disinfected using dilute Sodium Hypochlorite before  discharge. ...

    By Concorde – Corodex Group based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Biological Treatment Plant Product line

  • Water Treatment Equipment

    Potable Water -  Screening/pretreatment/aeration/gas removal/flash mix/flocculation/settling/sludge removal/sludge dewatering/filtration-mix media-pressure-membrane/instrumentation/UV disinfection. Waste Water -  Grinders,/comminutors/mechanical screens/shredders/grit-grease removal/primary-secondary clarifiers/sludge collectors/aeration ...

    By Jim House and Associates, Inc. based in Birmingham, ALABAMA (USA).

  • BlueDiamond - Model ET Series - Enviro Linear Air Blowers/Aerators

    Enviro linear air blowers/aerators are designed for use in residential aerobic treatment units/ATU's. Other applications include pond aeration, hydroponic grow systems, compost brewers and packaging machines.

    By Blue Diamond Pumps Inc. based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Enviro Linear Air Blowers/Aerators Product line

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