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aeration diffuser equipment

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    ENVICON - Model EMR - Membrane Tube Diffusers (Plug Aerators)

    ENVICON EMR membrane tube diffusers are available with different membrane materials and in various lengths. The standard lengths are 500, 750 and 1000 mm perforated length. Other lengths are available on request. In combination with the EBA variable adapter system, a wide range of requirements can be fulfilled. Our rugged, powerful diffusers are ...

    By ENVICON GmbH based in Dinslaken, GERMANY. from Aerators Product line

  • Ecotec - Aeration Diffusers System

    Compression-molded membranes (including tubular membranes); these double the characteristics of mechanical and thermal resistance as compared to a conventional injection mold. Perforation by cutting- not puncturing- which increases efficiency and optimizes sealing during rest periods. Less dirt contamination and pressure loss. Maximum ratio Kg ...

    By ECOTEC, Ecología Técnica, S.A. based in Manresa, SPAIN. from Water Treatment Product line

  • EasyPro - Model TMD24 - Tubular Aeration Diffuser

    The EasyPro TMD24 Self-Weighted Diffuser is tubular in design - 24 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. It has over 8,000 bubble producing slots. Connect it to your system using the 3/4' female threaded connection. Recommend 3.5 - 7 CFM air flow. Unique, open-ended design allows this extremely durable diffuser to be self-weighted.

    By Great Lakes Bio Systems, Inc. based in Sturtevant, WISCONSIN (USA). from MixAir Aeration Products- MixAir Diffusers Product line

  • Triplepoint - Model MARS 3000 - Submerged Aeration Diffuser

    The MARS Aerator is designed to ensure efficient and reliable wastewater treatment, operation, and maintenance. From its fouling-preventative design to its portable nature, each MARS Aeration System is built to last.

    By Triplepoint Water Technologies LLC based in Geneva, ILLINOIS (USA). from Lagoon Technologies Product line

  • Maxcon - Fine Bubble Aeration Diffusers

    Aquatec Maxcon was responsible for the introduction of membrane type fine bubble aeration diffusers to Australia in 1986.  The initial membrane diffusers supplied were of German origin with a hollow tubular construction with an extruded EPDM membrane.

    By Aquatec-Maxcon Pty Ltd based in Wulkuraka, AUSTRALIA. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • G-O - Single-Drop Medium Bubble Aeration Diffuser

    The G - O diffuser is a single-drop medium bubble aeration diffuser that is truly non-clog, maintenance free, and continuously efficient. Clogging is eliminated by the flow-through air tube and no orificing below the water surface.

    By G-H Systems, Inc. based in Georgetown, TEXAS (USA). from Aeration Product line

  • Diffused Aeration

    You can be confident that your application will benefit from the most efficient and economic aeration diffusers from our range:

    By Aquatreat Environmental Engineering Ltd based in Kenilworth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aeration Product line

  • Diffused Aeration

    Sub-surface, or diffused, aerationhas the unique ability to create what is known as an airlift current from the bottom of the pond to the top, while at the same time introducing oxygen to the water column through millions of tiny air bubbles that originate from self-cleaning flexible membrane diffusers anchored on the bottom of thepond. ...

    By Texas Lakes and Ponds based in New Braunfels, TEXAS (USA). from Lake and Pond Aerator Product line

  • Diffused Aeration system

    We offer Diffused Aeration System - efficient & power saving aeration system to effectively reduce BOD, COD & Ammonical Nitrate and maintain required DO level in aeration tanks. The system comprises of either ECOTUBE or ECODISC diffusers installed at the bottom of aeration tank thro which the supplied air emerges as fine bubbles thereby ...

    By Ecosafe Solutions based in Vadodara, INDIA.

  • Novid - Diffuser Aeration System

    Four floor plates evenly distribute air throughout the tank. Self-contained system eliminates environmental risk. Low up-front cost; no ongoing costs. Control box regulates pressure and pulse frequency; one unit can service multiple tanks on one site. Available factory installed on new tanks or as retrofit on existing tanks. Can be retrofitted for ...

    By Novid Inc. based in Rosenort, MANITOBA (CANADA).

  • Tehnika Plast - Diffused Aeration Systems

    Production and instalation of a diffused aeration systems according to the request of the client.

    By Tehnika Plast-Wastewater Solutions based in Ugrinovci-Belgrade, SERBIA.

  • Flexcap - Diffused Aeration Systems

    Our Diffused Aeration Systems employ our Flexcap Coarse Bubble Diffuser technology to make wastewater treatment processing run more efficiently. Flexcap Diffused Aeration Systems are designed for aerator units capable of handling huge capacities. Each system implements high-efficiency technologies that use the least amount of energy while still ...

    By Mooers Products, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Aeration Systems Product line

  • Diffused Aeration Systems

    Diffused aeration is used to increase oxygen levels in relatively shallow water bodies which are stratified to any degree or which experience anaerobic conditions in the winter months. In diffused aeration, compressed air is released through holes in diffuser lines placed near the bottom of the water body.

    By General Environmental Systems Inc. based in Asheville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Diffused Aeration Systems

    Response Group manufacture and install Fine Bubble Diffused Air (FBDA) Systems for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewaters. FBDA systems supply oxygen to aerobic reactors by pumping air under pressure and releasing it in a stream of fine bubbles (< 1.5mm) in the mixed liquor. Circulation and mixing is achieved by the currents set ...

    By Response Group based in Charleville, IRELAND.

  • WTR - Fine Bubble Diffusion Aerator

    The WTR Solutions Fine Bubble Diffusion Technology Aerator Model 12 is sized for large animal confinement operations, municipal sewage processing plants and large industrial applications.  This unit has a floatation platform available as an option.

    By WTR Solution based in Earlham, IOWA (USA).

  • Destratification - Diffusion Aeration Of Waters

    Our lakes and water routes have been victims of the contamination with nutrients from antrophogen sources for a long time. Also drinking water lakes and reservoires can become eutrophicated by the input of phosphorus and nitrogen from point or diffuse sources. In addition air-transferred contaminations have also to be considered. All these ...

    By AGO Hydroair GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Restoration of Natural Waters Product line

  • Diffused Aeration Process System

    Aeration is used extensively for the biological (biochemical?) oxidation of both domestic and industrial organic wastes. In wastewater treatment, the function of aeration is to introduce air into the water through the most effective and least costly methods that will increase oxygen transfer (dissolved oxygen) in the wastewater.

    By Mooers Products, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Flexcap - Diffusers Product line

  • H2K - Model DTA Series - Diffused Aeration Tank Stripper

    H2K's Patent Pending DTA series non-fouling air strippers are designed to handle the harshest environment where high levels of suspended solids, iron, bacteria, or hardness are present and where low maintenance is of high priority.

    By H2K Technologies, Inc. based in Corcoran, MINNESOTA (USA). from Air Stripping Product line

  • Envotech - Aeration Systems and Disc Diffuser

    Oxygen supply and aeration systems are both critical and qualifying points of any civil or industrial aerobic biological waste water treatment.The reliability and the performances of an aeration system are decisive factors affecting the choice and design of the system itself since, for instance, in an activated sludge waste water treatment plant ...

    By Envotech Ltd. Енвотех ЕООД based in Plovdiv, BULGARIA. from Wastewater Treatment Product line


    ECO - DAS (Diffused Aeration system from ECOSAFE SOLUTIONS) is a proven technology for transfer of oxygen to waste water by using membrane diffusers. Provide us with the details & characteristics of effluent at the inlet to aeration tank and we shall offer the complete turnkey solution for proper reduction of BOD , COD, TKN, etc and increase DO ...

    By Ecosafe Solutions based in Vadodara, INDIA.

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