aerobic digestion equipment available in North Korea

  • Modular GRP Covers

    Modular GRP covers, destined to the covering of: Round basins: With or without central walkway (sludge thickeners, tanks, buffer tank, etc.). Rectangular basins: Biological reactors, aerobic digesters, Archimedes screw, etc.

    By ECOTEC, Ecología Técnica, S.A. based in Manresa, SPAIN. from Modular GRP Covers Product line

  • Model RP10 - Household Sewage Treatment System

    Ozzi Kleen Domestic Household Sewage Treatment Plant allow you to reuse all your household water for keeping lawns and gardens lush and green. Ozzi Kleen Sewerage systems act as a digestive system using a unique cyclic fully aerobic sewage treatment process. This means there is no septic process, so no septic smells, it’s environmentally ...

    By Ozzi Kleen Water & Waste Water based in Kunda Park, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model 1070G - Bacti-Bio

    Bacti-Bio 1070G is a multi-strain microbial concentrate consisting of specially selected, naturally occurring, nonpathogenic cultures designed to produce excess quantities of specific enzymes that are extremely efficient at liquefying and digesting organic waste, grease, fats, and oil and in reducing unpleasant odors. Dilute Bacti-Bio 1070G and ...

    By A&V Envirotech based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Bacti-Bio Product line

  • Eddy - Mix Jet Aerators

    Eddy mix jet aerator installed in the center of a cone-bottom tank.Single eddy mix jet aerator in center of 65 ft diameter, cone-bottom tank. Liquid surface during aeration is also shown. FRP eddy mix jet aerator with 12-inch liquid line and 8-inch air line.Eddy mix jet aerator installed on the end of a directional mix jet aerator. Other ...

    By Mixing Systems, Inc. based in Dayton, OHIO (USA). from Mix Jet Aerators Product line

  • Dairy Wastewater Aeration for Odor Control

    Historically, aeration has proven to be the most effective means of reducing BOD/COD, but traditional surface aeration methods offer too little return for the amount of energy and capital invested, and they only affect the surface which allows anaerobic bacteria to proliferate beneath the surface and produce unpleasant odors. The Mazzei AirJection ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dairy Wastewater Aeration for Odor Control Product line

  • eco-tabs - Car Wash Tablets

    eco-tabs patent pending Car Wash Tablets are solid, environmentally safe sustained release tablets that reduce noxious odors, spotting and other problems associated with use of reclaimed water. Environmentally safe, non-toxic micro-fine components and aerobic microorganisms help clean and digest odors, while providing nutrients, buffers and active ...

    By Eco Global Sales, Inc. based in Plantation, FLORIDA (USA).

  • BioShaft - Model MAAD - Modular Anoxic Aerobic Digestor

    The proprietary Modular Anoxic Aerobic Digester (MAAD) process by BioShaft integrates an anaerobic digestion tank with the T-MBBR System. The raw pre-screened wastewater undergoes partial treatment through the anaerobic tank before it’s treated through the T-MBBR System. Depending on the application, most or all of the sludge effluent from ...

    By BioShaft Water Technology based in San Pedro, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • AlmAqua - Model WWTP - Decanting Aerobic Digestion System

    Engineered in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), are intended for all kinds of treatment ofdomestic and industrial wastewaters. From small houses to large house settlements – up to 1,200 inhabitants. Our WWTP, depending on the model, reach treatment efficiency values up to 97% with water recyclingpossibilities.Our WWTP are manufactured in ...

    By AlmAqua – Environmental Technologies based in Verdizela, PORTUGAL. from Decanting Aerobic Digestion System Product line

  • EDI MaxAir - Model SS - Diffuser

    Proven design is ideal for both mixing and aeration applications.  EDI MaxAir™ SS diffuser provides broad band, coarse bubble aeration for maximum mixing efficiency. The unit is available in 24-inch or 12-inch lengths. A full 48-inch air release perimeter is provided with the 24-inch unit, and 24-inch air release perimeter for the ...

    By Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) based in Columbia, MISSOURI (USA). from Diffuser Product line

  • Venturi AirJet Aeration

    Landia’s extensive range of submersible mixers and mixer/aerators add supplementary possibilities to optimize aeration efficiency and oxygen transfer. Sufficient mixing is achieved, solids remain suspended and thoroughly mixed with oxygen enriched effluent, thus enhancing aerobic digestion and improving process efficiency and final effluent ...

    By Landia a/s based in Lem st., DENMARK.

  • Wastewater Aerobic Sludge Digestion System

    Aerobic Sludge Digestion with Mazzei Technology. As with Activated Sludge Digestion, Aerobic Sludge Digestion can be made easier and more efficient with Mazzei’s AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Technology. Ponds containing organic matter, nitrogen or other compounds are often high in Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wastewater Aerobic Sludge Digestion System Product line

  • Triton Separator - Model TS-5000 - Solid Bowl Basket Centrifuge

    Newly redesigned solid bowl basket centrifuges specially designed for the separation of animal wastes, without the use of polyelectrolytes or any other additive. Click picture for more information. NSF / EPA TESTED AND VERIFIED FOR ANIMAL WASTE SEPARATIONS. The Triton Separator, a solid bowl basket centrifuge, can be used on flushed dairy, swine, ...

    By Kyte Centrifuge, LLC based in Fairview, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Solid Bowl Basket Centrifuge Product line

  • BIO JET - Sludge Away Non-Hazardous Chemical

    Bio Jet 7 Sludge Away is non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The products organic and microbial based liquid assists the biological removal process of slow-to-digest compounds and sludge. It is formulated to digest solids and aid in the reduction of phosphates, BOD, TSS and sludge. Sludge Away helps with aerobic and anaerobic ...

    By Jet Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA). from Sludge Away Non-Hazardous Chemical Product line

  • Computer Controlled Aerobic Digester

    The first step to which residual water is subjected when entering a Sewage Farm is a pretreatment. Big solids, sand and grease are removed. Next, water undergoes the so-called primary treatment.

    By Edibon International based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Computer Controlled Aerobic Digester Product line

  • VERTAD - Auto-Thermophilic Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process

    NORAM’s patented VERTAD system is a proprietary, auto-thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion process.

    By NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Auto-Thermophilic Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process Product line

  • Model HKPC-STS - Sewage Treatment System

    HKPC-STS consists of an anaerobic chamber, an aerobic chamber and a sedimentation and disinfection chamber. The wastewater from the toilets is discharged into the anaerobic chamber for digestion and decomposition then the wastewater will flow into the aerobic chamber for an aerobic treatment process. After aerobic treatment, the wastewater enters ...

  • Air Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser

    Tight O-ring retainer prevents air leakage and resulting contamination from leakage of mixed liquor solids into unit. Easy to install and strong structure for modulus parts. Easy to replace membrane. No special tools to need. Check valve designed avoid membrane hollow as air-on/air-off operations such as SBR's, aerobic digesters and anoxic swing ...

    By Enfound Enterprise Co., Ltd. based in Taipei, TAIWAN. from Air Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Product line

  • EDI MaxAir - Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    MaxAir coarse bubble diffuser offers proven design and is ideal for both mixing and aeration applications. EDI MaxAir™ diffuser provides broad band, coarse bubble aeration for maximum mixing efficiency. The unit is available in 24-inch standard length. The 24-inch diffuser unit provides a full 48-inch air release perimeter. Air release ...

    By Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) based in Columbia, MISSOURI (USA). from Coarse Bubble Diffuser Product line

  • Model RMH - Roof Manhole

    A sufficiently large and easy to open/close aperture is required for carrying out repair and inspection work as well as for moving bulky equipment into and out of aerobic digesters.The EnvironTec's RMH roof manhole provides a robust and cost-effective manhole design for this purpose. The roof manhole is available in four different standard ...

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Nüziders, AUSTRIA. from Roof Manhole Product line

  • ANPHOS - Phosphate Recovery from Wastewater

    Application: In order to remove phosphates from waste waters or digestate in an environmentally friendly manner the ANPHOS® process can be applied. During anaerobic waste water purification the phosphate present is largely converted into ortho-phosphate, whereas the nitrogen is converted into ammonia (NH4-N). In case of aerobic ...

    By Colsen International b.v. based in HULST, NETHERLANDS.

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