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aerobic waste treatment equipment

  • WTR - Model CAFO - Lagoon

    WTR Solutions Fine Bubble Diffusion Aerator changes the average livestock manure tank or lagoon into an aerobic waste treatment system. This system, which installs easily into your existing facility, uses dissolved oxygen to break down sludge and reduce odor problems associated with conventional methods. The Grimesland Swine Farm in Greenville, ...

    By WTR Solution based in Earlham, IOWA (USA).

  • Model EU1000 - Ammonia Reduction

    EU1000 is a liquid formulation of Nitrosomonas, which convert ammonia to nitrite, and Nitrobacter that convert the nitrite to nitrate. The product is designed to remove Ammonia quickly and conveniently in aerobic biological waste water treatment systems.

    By Bio Systems Europe based in Malvern, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatement Product line

  • UASB - Intelligent biogas production from Wastewater

    Anaerobic waste water treatment is applied in many industrial areas for waste water purification of water containing large amounts of organics (COD > 2.000 mg/L). This technique is applied to circumvent the high operational costs of aerobic waste water treatment and to produce energy in the form of biogas. For this purpose a number of UASB reactor ...

    By Hydroitalia - Colsen Srl based in Medicina, ITALY.

  • H+E BIOFIT - Model F - Up-flow Biological Filter

    A versatile biological alternative; From semiconductor manufacture to the petrochemical industry, a wide variety of industrial sectors require the most efficient methods for the purification of low to moderately loaded wastewaters. The separation of solids is required, as is the elimination of carbon or nutrients. Due to its extraordinary ...

    By Hager + Elsässer GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY. from Biological Aerob Process Technology Product line

  • Aerobical SBR Reactor

    The AAQUA-SBR (Sequenching Batch Reactor) is an aerobic biological waste water treatment in a low loaded reactor. The already pre-processed waste water is brought into a large reactor where it comes into contact with the micro-organisms (active sludge, M.O.) and where oxygen is injected in a controlled manner. These micro-organisms convert the ...

    By AAQUA N.V. based in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, BELGIUM. from Biological Treatment Product line

  • Jet-Helix - High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser

    The Jet-Helix is an Air Static Diffuser for the Aerobic Treatment of Waste Waters and Discharged Flows. Provided with Air Bubbles, in comparison to other systems the Jet-Helix is an 'High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser' that, applied in the same process and operative conditions of other diffusers, guarantees: The Highest Oxygen Transfer, ...

    By Process Engineering Srl based in Fenegro, ITALY. from Equipment by PE Product line

  • Matsphere - Model MAT 250 Series - Hollow Silica Microspheres

    Silica microspheres can be used for biological treatment of domestic, municipal our industrial waste water. More specifically, our hollow silica microsphere offer a media support for microorganism growth which can be used as bacterial carriers for both aerobic and anaerobic conditions for waste water treatment.

    By Materium based in Ithaca, NEW YORK (USA).

  • MBT plants

    This is a Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment.

    By Recycling Technik Altenberger GmbH based in Uttendorf, AUSTRIA. from plant engineering and construction Product line

  • Cobra - Model 001 - Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Package Containerized Waste water Treatment Pant fully inclusive of anaerobic, anoxic, aerobic, clarification and sterilization units with add on capabilities of MBR units Fat separation units etc. This cost effective unit is perfect for small developments, hotels, schools and hospitals etc.Treats the effluent to South African General Standards ...

    By Alveo Water and Sanitation based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Aerotor - Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

    For over twenty years the BMS Aerotor has proved to be the most innovative solution to waste water treatment in over 250 locations worldwide. The Aerotor provides a highly efficient, low maintenance, prefabricated, aerobic treatment for small to medium community waste water applications. It is especially suitable where existing equipment is ...

    By Butler Manufacturing Services Ltd. (BMS) based in Longford, IRELAND. from Sewage Treatment Products Product line

  • AeroMem - Model SUB - Membrane Bioreactors

    Where clean water is separated from waste sludge by membranes (on cellular level). We use high quality submerged modules (AeroMem™-SUB, which be installed either in the aeration tank or in a separate membrane tank, with MLSS to 16g/l) or external membrane systems for very high MLSS concentrations (AeroMem™-X, up to 25g/l).

    By Symbiona SA based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Aerobic Biological Treatment Product line

  • Dynaflow - Bubble Generators

    Dynaflow, Inc. has extensive experience in basic and applied research, development, testing, and fabrication of bubble generation related devices and systems. We developed different types of bubble generators based on our two patented DynaSwirl and StratoJet technologies. The DynaSwirl bubble generator employs a rotating flow to create a very low ...

    By Dynaflow, Inc. based in Jessup, MARYLAND (USA). from Generator Product line

  • Onda - Model 9 - Fill Pack Media

    ONDA 9 FILL PACK is composed of a series of corrugated sheets of high quality PVC. They are assembled with the direction of the corrugations inverted every two sheets and glued together to form a module. Maximum dimensions of the blocks are listed in TECHNICAL DATA.

    By Eurofill Srl based in Biassono (MB), ITALY. from Fill Media Product line

  • Model MSW - Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant

    The main motivation of residual waste treatment with biological processes is based on the “EU-landfill directive”. The target is a reduction of the residual waste volumes to be land filled – especially a reduction of biodegradable contingents. To transfer the resultant defaults efficiently in the plant construction means to treat ...

    By AMB Technology GmbH based in Oschersleben, GERMANY. from Treatment Plants Product line

  • Global Water & Energy - RAPTOR® Unleashing the Power of Organic Waste

    RAPTOR® stands for RAPid Transformation of Organic Residues. It is a robust liquid-state anaerobic digestion process that converts almost any organic residue (waste) or energy crop (substrate) into biogas, “green” electricity, renewable natural gas (RNG), or heat.The process consists of enhanced pretreatment followed by multi-step biological ...

  • Gore - Cover for Organic Waste Treatment

    GORE Cover, the fully integrated composting solution for the treatment of organic waste. Recognized as the leader for in-vessel composting worldwide, GORE® Cover is cost efficient to install and operate while providing optimized process control for producing consistent high quality compost and effectively controlling odors and emissions.

    By W. L. Gore & Associates based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA). from Fabrics Product line

  • Waste to Energy Anaerobic Digestion Systems

    Proven anaerobic digestion systems with biogas recovery and energy generation turns a non-productive process into a cost-offsetting one. Gurney Environmental are the UK's distributor for an international waste water treatment company that provides highly efficient anaerobic digestion systems to industrial and municipal clients worldwide.

    By Gurney Environmental Ltd. based in King’s Lynn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • EKE - Biological Treatment Plants

    The aim of the biological treatment stage is to purify the settled sewage by removing dissolved organic material and suspended solids by settled biological flocs and decomposition of the inorganic compounds as gas. 

  • Model 1100G - Bacti-Bio

    Bacti-Bio 1100G is a granular concentrate composed of 10 synergistic strains of nonpathogenic bacteria and molds designed to digest crude petroleum, creosote, phenols, paraffins, and other aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. In addition to hydrocarbon-specific enzymes, several of the cultures create their own biosurfactants to aid in emulsifying ...

    By A&V Envirotech based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Hydrocarbons - Bioaugmentation Product line

  • ANPHOS - Phosphate Recovery from Wastewater

    Application: In order to remove phosphates from waste waters or digestate in an environmentally friendly manner the ANPHOS® process can be applied. During anaerobic waste water purification the phosphate present is largely converted into ortho-phosphate, whereas the nitrogen is converted into ammonia (NH4-N). In case of aerobic ...

    By Colsen International b.v. based in HULST, NETHERLANDS.

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