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air activated carbon filtration equipment

  • FILTRAFIX - Model A - Activated Carbon Gas & Air Filtration System

    DESOTEC activated carbon develops and patents the world’s largest mobile air treatment In the seldom case that DESOTEC’s mobile industrial gas phase adsorbers are not the suitable solution for our customers’ needs, we can offer turnkey solutions to suit a particular flow rate, temperature, pressure, superficial contact time and ...

    By Desotec Activated Carbon based in Roeselare, BELGIUM. from Fixed Filters Product line

  • Exeon - Activated Carbon Air Filtration System

    Activated carbon air filters, sometimes also referred to as activated charcoal filters, are used to combat nuisance odours, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful airborne chemicals released from industrial processes. Part of the EXEON mission is to supply workplaces with clean air through the design, installation and servicing of ...

    By Exeon Limited based in Hitchin, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Air Horn Alarm System

    The MST Model 8039601 Air Horn Alarm System is an alarm system utilizing a small compact valving system that is designed to activate an air horn should the carbon monoxide monitoring system in the Filtration and/or Purification system go into an alarm condition. (For use in explosive environments)

    By Modern Safety Techniques (MST) Inc. based in Hicksville, OHIO (USA). from Accessories Product line

  • Hepa - Model RM-103-ACH - Air Cleaner

    600 cfm, 0.3 kW with HEPA and activated carbon filtration. Features: High air flow with new designed turbo fan. Easy removal of cartridge filter media. Quiet operation for underbench use.

    By Ryvac Engineering Company based in Riverside, CALIFORNIA (USA). from HEPA Air Cleaners Product line

  • AirWash MultiPRO - Air Scrubber

    MultiPRO can be configured in the field, without tools, to provide high air flow multi stage HEPA filtration, combination HEPA/activated carbon for simultaneous particulate and V.O.C. removal. MultiPRO* can also feature an industry leading dedicated carbon canister  for heavy V.O.C. challenges holding 22 lbs (10kgs) of activated ...

    By Americair Corporation based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Commercial Air Purification Product line

  • Model GC IPSp or GC IPSg - Impregnated Carbons

    GC IPSp is a pelletised steam activated carbon that has been impregnated with sulfur. This product is manufactured to provide superior mercury removal performance when treating natural gas, air, hydrogen, or other gas streams.

    By Pacific Character Products based in Mt. Barker, AUSTRALIA. from Air Filtration Product line

  • Activated Carbon Products

    Kowa produces activated carbon derived from coconut shells at our joint venture company - P.J.A.C. (Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation) in Davao City, on the Philippine island of Mindanao (Mindanao has the world''s largest concentration of coconut trees assuring continuous local supply of the raw material). After 30 years of operation, ...

    By Kowa American Corporation based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Model AC-X - Extruded Activated Carbon

    Pure Air Filtration’s AC-X Extruded Activated Carbon –  Because of its shape, performance, and low cost extruded carbon has become the standard over the past decade. PureAir carbon has a low dust, high activity level, economical choice. Shape: 4mm Cylindrical.

    By Pure Air Filtration, LLC based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Gas Adsorbent Media Product line

  • BMAir - Model MAO-2 - AIr Filter Pressurization Systems

    The modern streamlined machines offer limited space to mount a filter pressurization system. In response to this BMAir developed a completely new system, the BMAir MAO-2. Robust, compact and suitable for mounting in any position on the machine, both horizontally and vertically, the system is ideal and with a maximum ...

    By BMAir based in Nieuwkuijk, NETHERLANDS. from Filter Pressurization Systems Product line

  • Model Poly - Rolls of Synthetic Material

    Rolls – Rolls of synthetic material, suitable for installation in prefilter devices. They have properties for specialized uses such as special endurance and retention of paint droplets (application in dyeing and in painting) or the retention of gaseous pollutants and odors (impregnated with activated carbon.)

    By Dimtech S.A based in ASPROPYRGOS, GREECE. from Mechanical Air Filters Product line

  • AirMed - Model 1 Supreme MG - Air Purifier

    Advanced cleaning in small spaces at home, office and wherever you may travel. Great for closets or small kitchens and rooms. The AirMed 1 MG Supreme is a step up from the our regular AirMed 1 MG model. However if you are seeking even more powerful air cleaning power for larger rooms, then be sure to look around in our most popular ...

    By Allerair Industries based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Compact & Travel Air Cleaning Units Product line

  • AirMed - Model 3 Supreme - Air Purifiers

    The AirMed 3 Supreme is sensible when you need more strength in order to properly clean those compact spaces like large walk in closets, small kitchens and office spaces or convenient portability to clean rooms. The AirMed 3 supreme is easy to bring along with you wherever you want to breathe clean air. Choose the supreme as a space saving ...

    By Allerair Industries based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Compact & Travel Air Cleaning Units Product line

  • Water and Air Treatment Systems

    Encotech offers a complete line of treatment systems for process water, wastewater, groundwater remediation, and vapor phase applications. Our systems are available for purchase, lease, and rental in standard, off-the-shelf designs or customized desings to fit our customers' specific requirements.

    By Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc. based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Systems Product line

  • AirMedic - Model Pro 5 MG MCS Supreme - Air Purifier

    AirMedic Pro 5 MG MCS Supreme is an air purification solution for those of us who are sensitive to chemicals. No other company is as committed to MCS relief than AllerAir. Designed to provide maximum comfort for sufferers of multiple chemical sensitivities, this unit features a large, deep-bed activated carbon filter in a powder ...

    By Allerair Industries based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Air Purifiers Product line

  • Salon - Model Pro 5 Plus - Air Purifier

    Engineered specifically for nail salons, the Salon Pro 5 Plus is a source capture air-purifying unit designed to capture chemicals, odors and particles associated with manicures and pedicures, before they become airborne. The Salon Pro 5 Plus is also equipped with a deep-bed activated carbon filter to provide nail salon patrons and employees with ...

    By Allerair Industries based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Hair & Nail Salons Air Purifiers Product line

  • AirMed - Model 3 - Tower Air Purifiers

    The AirMed 3 Tower is absolutely the model for you if you are looking to clean the air in a small room while having your air purifier out of sight in a small kitchen with minimal ventilation, or for small rooms, and large closet spaces. You may travel often and want to make sure that your hotel room has clean air then this unit will be ...

    By Allerair Industries based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Compact & Travel Air Cleaning Units Product line

  • Salon - Model Pro 5 Ultra - Air Purifier

    Engineered specifically for nail salons that have a heavy concentration of chemicals that are known to be dangerous threat to your clients health. The Salon Pro 5 Ultra is perfect heavy duty air cleaning with a source capture hose designed to capture chemicals, odors and particles associated with manicures and pedicures, before they become ...

    By Allerair Industries based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Hair & Nail Salons Air Purifiers Product line

  • Lorivan - Filtertanks

    Lorivan is manufacturer of standard and made-to-mesure filtertanks for the treatment of water and air.

    By Lorivan NV based in Roeselare, BELGIUM.

  • AirMedic - Model Pro 5 Plus - Air Purifier

    The AirMedic Pro 5 Plus is a step up from the AirMedic Pro 5 MG. This reliable unit treats and cleans all the various types of pollutants which contribute to poor indoor air quality. There are many reasons why you would need an air purifier and with the AirMedic Pro 5 Plus, one of our most popular units -you will have an all around air ...

    By Allerair Industries based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from General Purpose Air Purification Product line

  • Phoenix Guardian - Model 1400 CFM - HEPA System

    The Phoenix Guardian HEPA System was the first portable air scrubbing device designed exclusively for the restoration industry. The Guardian can perform several critical air quality remediation functions simultaneously. The Guardian HEPA System captures virtually all removable airborne particles. The optional 4-stage absorption filter contains a ...

    By Phoenix Restoration Equipment, Division of Therma-Stor LLC based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA). from HEPA System Air Scrubbers Product line

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