air cleaning system equipment in Australia

  • Dynamic - Model V8 - Air Cleaning Systems

    The Dynamic V8 has set the standard in air cleaning–outperforming anything on the market in contaminant control, maintenance and cost of ownership. Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of Green buildings, data centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and clean manufacturing, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System couples maximum effectiveness ...

    By Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • Dynamic - Model V8-SL - Air Cleaning Systems for Side Access

    The Dynamic V8-SL is a perfect fit where access space is limited, such as rooftops, when clients want LEED eligible high-efficiency filtration and odor removal, and a filter service life that’s measured in YEARS instead of months. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is pleased to announce the newest addition to its line of V8 Air Cleaning Systems ...

    By Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • PowerJet - Pulse Cleaning System

    The TAPC PowerJet pulse cleaning system can be retro-fitted to most pulsejet fabric filters. The PowerJet system is based around the PowerJet nozzle and features the following benefits: More efficient pulse cleaning action than conventional pulse systems. Virtually no pressure loss in normal operation when compared to venturi systems. Reduced ...

    By Total Air Pollution Control Pty Ltd. (TAPC) based in Wollongong, AUSTRALIA. from Pulse Cleaning System Product line

  • PTronik - Model pMC - pMC Master Control

    The pMC Master Controller is a comprehensive system that controls the total function of a dust collector. This advanced system monitors all the functions of a dust collector and has a comprehensive numbers of built-in selectable alarms. These alarms can be general or critical alarms.The master control system includes 10 solenoid outputs that can ...

    By PTronik Pty Limited based in Richmond, AUSTRALIA. from pMC Master Control Product line

  • FoamMaster - Compressed Power Air Foam Cleaning

    FoamMaster power cleaning systems automatically dilute concentrated cleaning products with water, and use compressed air to generate a thick, rich, clinging foam. When it comes to large area cleaning, there’s no more effective and efficient method than foam cleaning. FoamMasters are now available in both one and two ...

    By Hydro Systems Company - a Dover Company Office in Glendenning, AUSTRALIA. from Compressed Power Air Foam Cleaning Product line

  • Dynamic - Model RS-2, RS-3 & RS-4 - Integrated Air Purification Systems

    The RS-2 air purification system includes two 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners in a V-Bank configuration to increase filter face area for more effective air cleaning at lower air velocity and are available cased in 1400 and 2400 cfm models. The RS-3 also includes two 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners in a cased V-Bank configuration with the addition of a ...

    By Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • Drybatch - Dry-Batch Concrete Plant Dust Collectors

    The polygonal shape DRYBATCH Dust Collector is equipped with horizontally mounted filter elements, a compressed air jet cleaning system integrated in the access door and a suction fan.

    By WAMGROUP S.p.A. Office in Kilsyth South, AUSTRALIA. from Dry-Batch Concrete Plant Dust Collectors Product line

  • Dissolved Air Flotation

    The next generation Dissolved Air Flotation System has arrived Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) came a long way with the move from circular to the modern rectangular designs. Now these DAFs make way for the next generation of Dissolved Air Flotation! Introducing the HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation With revolutionary improvements to suit modern ...

    By Hydroflux Industrial Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • Water Mains Air Scouring/Chemical Free Disinfection System

    A.U.V.S. has developed a water mains air scouring/chemical free disinfection system suitable for use on most types of water mains. These units can be truck or trailer mounted and comprise a diesel or petrol driven air compressor, a water-cooled Activated Oxygen (air charged with ozone molecules) unit, Oxygen bottles, Activated Oxygen injector and ...

    By Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd based in Thomastown, AUSTRALIA.

  • Dynamic - Model 1 and 1 Tandem - Polarized-Media Air Cleaners

    Combining ease of installation with low static pressure (for lower energy consumption and system wear), 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners provide high-efficiency electronic air cleaning with an equivalency rating of MERV 13.For those commercial installations where its desirable to run air cleaners in series, and where static pressure constraints do ...

    By Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • PuriSoil - Soil Remediation System

    G.I. Dynamics provide a unique in-situ soil remediation technology called PuriSoil, to clean up large contaminated areas in a single operation. The PuriSoil Process: PuriSoil is an eco-friendly technology. Pipes are inserted in the ground to a depth lower than the contaminated layer of soil. Air is injected into the soil through the pipes. A ...

    By G.I. Dynamics Office in Yatala, AUSTRALIA.

  • Nederman FilterBox - Modular Extraction/Filter System

    FilterBox is a system that solves most common demands regarding extraction of welding fumes and dust. It can be combined to work as a single mobile unit or as a fixed modular unit with expandable capacity. Filter cleaning is manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic (compressed air cleaning) depending on model. Special model for food, medical or ...

    By Nederman Office in BAYSWATER, AUSTRALIA.

  • Clean-Protect - Absorb Toxic System

    Hazardous process gases commonly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries are usually supplied from cylinders in an air-extracted cabinet. The CLEAN-PROTECT is designed to absorb toxic or otherwise hazardous gases during a catastrophic gas leakage incident from within a gas cabinet or gas bunker. This trusted safety ...

    By Cs Clean Systems AG Office in McMahons Point, AUSTRALIA.

  • AirPrep - After Cooler System (ACS)

    Designed for high efficiency removal of moisture, resulting in cool, clean and dry compressed air for use in abrasive blasting equipment. If your blasting operation or jobsite is in a region where there is not a big difference in the daily high and low temperatures, an aftercooler may be sufficient to handle the moisture in your blast system. ...

    By Axxiom Manufacturing, Inc. Office in AUSTRALIA. from After Cooler System (ACS) Product line

  • Dry Air Geo‑Cooler

    Using air as a cooling medium, the Dry Air Geo‑Cooler uses a closed loop of heat transfer fluid to effectively reduce drilling fluid temperatures. The Dry Air Geo‑Cooler is an economical solution for cooling drilling fluids on land based well sites that have limited access to freshwater. The Dry Air Geo‑Cooler consists of three ...

    By Drill Cool Systems, Inc. Office in AUSTRALIA. from Dry Air Geo‑Cooler Product line

  • Nederman - Model L-Series - Flexible and Modular Dust Collector System

    Flexible. Efficient. Future-proof. Discover Nederman’s new L-series – a flexible and modular dust collector system that efficiently cleans the air from your facility to reduce the strain on the environment and protect people, products and processes from harmful dust and smoke.

    By Nederman Office in BAYSWATER, AUSTRALIA.

  • Mikro-Pulsaire - Configurations - Filter Systems

    MikroPul supplies dust collectors and gas cleaning systems up to size ranges of 20.000 m² filter area, which is - depending on air-to-cloth ratio - equivalent to gas amounts per hour in several million m³. According to requirements, these plants are either designed as one individual system or as modular units. In parts assembled and ...

    By MikroPul - a Nederman company Office in Wetherill Park, AUSTRALIA. from Configurations - Filter Systems Product line

  • Ab216 - Ejector Cleaner System 50

    Efficient cyclonic preseparation of the dust before the ABSOLUTE/HEPA filter. Single container system with absolute/HEPA filter for collection of very fine dust and granulated material. The filter cleaning process is simple and efficient. The compressed air powered ejector system create high vacuum and airflow for excellent material collection and ...

    By Nederman Office in BAYSWATER, AUSTRALIA. from Ab216 - Ejector Cleaner System 50 Product line

  • Manual Dump to Rigid Bin Weigh Batching System

    This Manual Dump to Rigid Bin Weigh Batching System eliminates dust during manual dumping from bags, boxes, drums and other containers, de-lumps the material, and feeds it gravimetrically from mezzanine level into rigid bins placed on a floor scale. The Manual Dumping Station features a high-velocity vacuum fan that draws airborne dust from the ...

    By Flexicon Corporation Office in Wacol, AUSTRALIA. from Manual Dump to Rigid Bin Weigh Batching System Product line

  • Premium

    Millennium - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

    The MILLENNIUM RTO redefines the economics of clean air compliance compared to other VOC control technologies typically deployed in high-flow process applications. This compact system can meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications at flows extending to 15,000 SCFM (23,700 Nm3/hr). The MILLENNIUM RTO combines operating efficiency, ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC Office in Glen Waverley, AUSTRALIA. from Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Product line

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