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air disinfection product equipment

  • AirTab - Air disinfection

    Globalex Airtab has the widest selection of air treatment product and application knowledge to protect you with correct efficiency. Efficient in hospital, offices, clinics, kindergartens, classrooms, barracks, entertainment venues, public transports, shopping malls and other space; But also in home application like : kitchen, bathroom, ...

    By GlobalEx Official based in REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO, ITALY. from Air disinfection Product line

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    Lenntech - Ozone OCS Units for Disinfection & Oxidation of Process

    Multiple applications. Lenntech OCS Ozone Systems are used for disinfection and oxidation of process water in all kinds of industries.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Ozone OCS Units for Disinfection & Oxidation of Process Product line

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    ADVANCEES - Model UV Series - Ultraviolet Desinfection Systems

    Ultraviolet disinfection is a means of killing or rendering harmless microorganisms in a dedicated environment. These microorganisms can range from bacteria and viruses to algae and protozoa. UV disinfection is used in air and water purification, sewage treatment protection of food and beverages, and many other disinfection and sterilization ...

    By Advanced Equipment and Services based in Hollywood, FLORIDA (USA). from Ultraviolet Desinfection Systems Product line

  • Air-Max - Oxygen Injection

    This unit is specifically designed to be placed into Potable Water Tanks, Water Towers, and Drinking Water Reservoirs for the purpose of Mixing, Circulating, and Injecting Oxygen into the Drinking Water to Reduce Disinfectant/Disinfection Byproducts such as Trihalomethanes, THM, Haloacetic acids (TTHM, HAA5), Chlorite and Bromate.

    By Custom Fountains, Inc. based in Mason, OHIO (USA).

  • Model AG 103324 - Disinfection Devices

    This is our line of disinfection devices that is dependent on system air supply. The air supply will need to be tapped in from the system air pump typically by installing a pvc tee. The air consumed by this device is less that .25 cfm, which will not be realized as a negative effect on the aeration treatment element of the system.  This ...

    By Aerobic Guard, LLC based in Waxahachie, TEXAS (USA).

  • Hygeaire® Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection

    Constructed of corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel and Aluminum, Utilizes germicidal ultraviolet (uv) lamps, Irradiates air flow within ultraviolet field in upper portion of room, Ultraviolet indirect air disinfection for use in occupied areas, Disinfects air in seconds, reducing the risk of cross infection and exposure of occupants to infectious ...

    By Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Hygeaire® Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection Product line

  • Model AG P101124 - Disinfection Devices

    This is our line of disinfection devices that is the stand alone model. This pump has an internal pump that is of a medical grade pump. The life rating on the pump is rated at several years by the manufacture. This device is an Ozone generating device that was designed to be used with an Aerobic Septic System.

    By Aerobic Guard, LLC based in Waxahachie, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model AGP 102224 - Disinfection Devices

    This is our line of disinfection devices that is the stand alone model. This pump has an internal pump that is of a medical grade pump. The life rating on the pump is rated at several years by the manufacture. This device is an Ozone generating device that was designed to be used with an Aerobic Septic System. This device is not NSF approved ...

    By Aerobic Guard, LLC based in Waxahachie, TEXAS (USA).

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    Coriolis Recon - Portable, Light and Ruggedized Bio-Air Sampler

    Coriolis Recon is a bio-aerosol sampler, dedicated to CBRN Recon teams or first responders, with quick deployment in case of bio-threat suspicion. It is efficient, portable and has been ruggedized for unfamiliar environment. Coriolis Recon offers flexibility with a choice of 2 operating modes: Autonomous sampling: triggered by the operator wearing ...

    By Bertin Instruments based in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, FRANCE. from Portable, Light and Ruggedized Bio-Air Sampler Product line

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    Ovivo - Model THM1501 - Online Analyzer

    Ovivo is innovating in introducing a brand new online THM Analyzer (THM=Trihalomethanes). This new Product is unique in the worldwide market as it is the first online analyzer able to give measurements at real time in Potable, Wastewater, Process and High Purity Water with the aim to control THM removal processes or water disinfection processes.

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Online Analyzer Product line

  • Air Treatment

    LeverEdge provides two residential air treatment products to improve indoor air quality. The Qualitair system is installed in the air duct system of the home and purifies the air as it moves through the air circulation system through the use of both UV light and Ozone. The Clean Station Disinfection Filtration System is a portable filter that is ...

    By The LeverEdge based in Odessa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • AirxLabs - Model RX 15 - Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaner

    RX 15 has always been germicidally effective against the Gram positive and Gram negative test organisms required to be killed for registration by the EPA as a disinfectant cleaner, but it has not been recommended for use in hospitals because it did not kill the hospital critical germ Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

    By Airx Laboratories based in Folcroft, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaner Product line

  • Newtec - Model e-Dis - In-Situ Disinfection System

    The in-situ disinfection system is a part of the electrolytic disinfection technology. The main point of this technology is the cell of electrolyse, in which flow special coated, patented eco-dis-electrodes of water that is necessary to disinfect.

    By newtec Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY.

  • UV Disinfection Technologies

    Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a non-chemical process whereby a pathogen, contained within a liquid or gaseous medium or present on a surface, is exposed a dosage of ultraviolet radiation near the peak of germicidal effectiveness, being 265 nanometres (nm), resulting in the deactivation of the pathogen's DNA, such that the pathogen is unable to ...

    By Purgo EnviroTech, (PET) based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from UV Disinfection Technologies Product line

  • ALTRU-V - Model V-MAX - Maximum UV Output for Airstream Disinfection

    Designed for small commercial HVAC airstream disinfection, the V-MAX product line consists of lamp modules with nominal lengths of 21 in., 33 in. and 61 in. V-MAX provides effective air stream disinfection, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

    By Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Maximum UV Output for Airstream Disinfection Product line

  • UVC Lamps for Disinfection of Water

    Our lamp portfolio includes medium pressure lamps at a broad spectrum of customized low pressure and amalgam lamps, which are predominantly used in the water, air and food industry for disinfection. For further information please contact our sales team.

    By Ultralight AG based in Schaanwald, LIECHTENSTEIN.

  • Amalgam - UV Lamps for Disinfection and Oxidation

    The Heraeus GoldSpot amalgam lamps are regarded as the market-leading product - primarily due to their long service life and unique Longlife technology. The extremely long-life high-performance low-pressure lamps achieve an up to ten times higher UV power density compared to conventional mercury low-pressure lamps and can be used at higher ambient ...

    By Heraeus Holding GmbH based in Hanau, GERMANY. from UV Lamps for Disinfection and Oxidation Product line

  • Ozotec - Model TYPE S-60Hz - Air Fed System

    Potable Water Disinfection. Heavy Metal Oxidation Taste, Colour & Odor Removal Wastewater Disinfection. Ultra Pure Water. All ratings are based on 60Hz, ozone concentration of 1.8%  by weight in air at 20o C cooling water temperature and 12 PSIG application pressure.  Ratings at other conditions available upon request.

    By Ozocan Corporation based in Scarborough, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Air Fed System Product line

  • Microfloat - UV-Disinfection of Closed Tanks

    Microfloat and Microspear® were develloped for chemical free disinfection of water in storage tanks by UV-irradiation. Microfloat® (floating UV-Lamp) is applied in closed tanks with static and strongly varying levels. Microspear® (immersed UV-Lamp) is applied in tanks and rinses with static levels and machinery.

    By a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY. from UV-Disinfection of Closed Tanks Product line

  • Aqua - Air Sterilizer

    Indoor air pollution levels are often 70 X higher than the air outdoors. Aqua Ultraviolet air sterilizers eliminate what even the best HEPA filters can not. Installed on any heating or air duct UV will reduce air borne mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus, pollens, spores and dust mites along with odors from pets, smoke and mold/mildew.  Newer ...

    By Aqua Ultraviolet based in Temecula, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Air Sterilizer Product line

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